Flakebook group administrator throws a hissy fit
- . . . one for the ages, hehe.

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Oh boy, hehe.

I seem to have ticked off a few more people with my inspirational posts as of late.

I received the following from a Facebook group I’m a part of this morning (this was in response to a post I did up a while ago on achievement and sacrifice”.

A response which sounded more like a hissy than anything else.

And while I’m not going to dignify said group in public here, I’ll let you know which one if you email me if you like, but here was the response.

“This post is CRAP. It has NOTHING to do with living in Dalat. It will be deleted!”


Bad hair day, someone?

Or perhaps on their peeerrriiioodddd?

Or perhaps . . . hehe, but I best not go there.

Of all my posts, I cannot imagine what might have sparked this reaction on the part of the group administrator, but I CAN hazard a guess.

They’re probably teaching English in Vietnam.

What do I mean?

Well, I’ve spoken about ESL and my thoughts on this (all true by the way) before in my writings so I won’t mention it again, but Dalat is a city I’m planning on traveling to soon (in Vietnam) once the COVID 19 panic is over.

And so I had idly joined a Facebook group or two for it . . .

And back to the comment itself, it seems the person that wrote that “hissy” was having a bad day, but it also seemed the post struck home.

Much with a lot of these group admnistrators sitting in Mama’s basement that as a friend of mine Glenn once sagely put it “think they’re king shit because they have a WeChat group”.

And so it goes for Facebook as well apparently.

Now don’t get me wrong – I remove people from my groups all the time for spamming, but this post was hardly spam.

Even if it WAS (according to the admin), there are no group rules specifically prohibiting it.

And even if they were, hey, hit the delete button.

Why throw a hissy?

Why write the lengthy sentence he or she did?

I know that when I remove people from my groups . . . I . . . well, you guessed it.

I just do it.

No second thoughts or words.

And in the vast majority of cases unless they ask me politely and give good reason (and most don’t, preferring to throw a hissy) . . . they are NOT added back to my groups.

And I wouldn’t care if someone did that to me. Hey, I ain’t everyone’s cup of tea, but throwing a hissy isn’t exactly the way to go about being a “responsible” group administration either.

When the shoe pinches . . . or the post hits HOME, hehe, and it likely did for said person.

Anyway, I see this sort of thing all the time.

I once promoted “Gorilla Grip” in a facebook group meant for Nanjing in China, and got the following brilliant (not) response.

“I build a gorilla grip by choking my <unmentionables>”

Laugh all you like, my friend, but ‘tis true. The general “level” of people out there is just STUPID to say the least, and some of the expats running around town (as a friend of mine put it) “teaching English just due to the color of their skin and NO other qualifications really) fit the bill even better, hehe.

Anyway, all for now. If you’re interested in real fitness products, that get you STRAIGHT to what WORKS without fancy shmancy rubbish and throwing hissies – here is where you go , my friend – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – If you want to throw a hissy because I wrote this, hey, I ain’t a hard man to find. Do so right here . . .

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