Don’t put all your eggs in ONE basket.
- Always a risky proposition in many regards!

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Well, so I wrote about the Facebook group administrator that got pissed off at me for promoting an inspirational post in his (I think her, hehe) group .  .  .

A post that for the life of me I can’t see “why it isn’t applicable to living in the place mentioned, or anywhere on God’s green earth (which is getting greener by the day as ONE of the “fallouts” from the COVID. Can we say POETIC justice anyone??)”

Inspiration is inspiration.

Facts are facts.

Doing your own thing, and building a business of your own is something everyone “wants” to do at a superficial level but never get past the foolishness of their beer mugs and ESL classes (if were talking the current and general level of expats in Asia that is) when it comes time to actually get down to brass tacks and “do the thing”.

Or thang, as I like to say sometimes, hehe.

Anyway, an hour or so after that happened I received a notification from Facebook saying “they’ve temporarily stopped me from sharing my messages to other groups until Saturday”.

Being it’s Thursday right now at the time of writing this and being it’s a temporary ban that can be appealed (and I did, though I doubt it’ll do much good), it’s not a big deal either way.

Even if they did permanently ban me from sharing my stuff in groups, no problem amigo.

I’ll share it elsewhere. I’ve never been one to impose where (if) I am not wanted!

But this brings me to a central point, and one YOU Should take on board my friend – that being not to put all your eggs in one basket.

This may sound contrary to the philosophy I’ve spoken about before in terms of “burning all bridges behind you” and leaving yourself with NO choice but to do it (accomplish your goal) but it isn’t.

Your goal is meant to be accomplished. Period. No two ways around that . . . but certain goals can be accomplished in multiple ways, and SHOULD BE.

Multiple streams of income, for one, never hurt anyone did they?

Neither did multiple sites or avenues to MARKET . . .so that if one kicks you off (that hasn’t ever happened to me, but in today’s politically correct world, I keep getting my posts “censored” when I talk about the COVID or other issue and others have been outright banned from posting), you still have the others.

I’ve spoken about my other business here (also a writing related business, for which I’ve actually done far more writing in many regards than for this business).

The income from that may not be a lot this month (but it will again in July).

But I ain’t sitting here thinking about how to pay the bills, buy groceries or so forth . . . because I have OTHER sources coming in.

Overreliance on any ONE source, no matter how big or seemingly reliable is a BAD IDEA my friend – and this holds true for fitness too.

Por ejemplo, I spoke about how climbing the hill got me in the best shape of my life.

But I must admit that I overdid it at a certain point, and was neglecting certain other parts of my body.

As a person I was close to at the time told me, “you need other activities too. Like swimming, going to the gym etc” . . .

While I obviously didn’t take her up on the gym (she even offered me a free membership that she HERSELF had not used – speaks tomes huh), the point was valid.

And I really only got into the very best shape of my life once I started on the 0 Excuses Fitness routines, and MIXED them in with everything else.

It’s always dangerous and sometimes counter productive to rely on ONE platform – or method alone, and that’s today’s message!


Rahul Mookerjee

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