The Kapalbhati
- A new take on ABS

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Do you know what the Kapalbhati exercise is?

If you’re serious in any way about exercises that work the REAL muscles in the abdominal region, well, you should – but don’t (even those with the best of intentions).

Now, I’ve made no mention of my contempt for the almighty (NOT) and much vaunted, and UTTERLY BUTTERLY useless CRUNCH.


You heard me.

Crunches are about as useful as butter right after a workout or perhaps screen door on a submarine . . .

As a yoga guru in India said once,

You can work out all you like, but if you stuff parathas down your gullet after working out, you will NOT lose weight at all. In fact, you’ll probably GAIN weight.

And he’s right for more reasons than one, but lets NOT get into weight gain here.

Let’s revert back to our talk about the ABS.

Crunches are worthless my friend because they work the showboat “six pack” muscles which are just for show and do NOT provide any real strength or stability to your midsection.

I’ve stated this up and down many times in my writings as well as in Corrugated Core – and the FACT, my friend is that you need to work the muscles BENEATH the six pack in order for the following to START happening –

REAL core strength and stability

Improved (almost magically!) DIGESTION and lower back strength (and banishing lower back pain)

Getting rid of that pesky lower abdominal FAT

And, when combined with certain other exercises in the elementary section of the course, getting rid of the oblique fat too.

Enough benefits for you, my friend? And we’re just into the ELEMENTARY section . . .

Anyway, I’ve mentioned an exercise somewhat similar to the Kapalbhati (literally translated in Hindi it means “shining forehead” I believe – and with good reason if you believe in energy and chakras) . . . but unfortunately, most overlook it in favor of the others.

OK, no problem . . . but this simple exercise is actually what you need to be doing first.

And the Kapalbhati, though being amazingly effective from a SEATED position (yes, I know, despite my rant on exercises you do while SEATED), this one is USEFUL is one I did NOT include in the book because it’s so damn hard to explain without a video which I have not gotten around to yet for this course.

And its basically an exercise that does not involve any of the following “culprits”

  • Breath control
  • Muscle flexing (at least not as you know)
  • Recovery times
  • Much movement at all except your BELLY
  • No movement of either the upper and lower limbs

And yet, it’s one of the most amazingly effective exercises there is that I HAVE taught before, both to those in my members area, and those that I coach privately.

And combined with other exercises that I Recommend, it’ll do WAY MORE to blowtorch that nasty lard right off your midsection than probably anything else combined.

Do it with Advanced Hill Training, and you’ll amplify the effects by about a bazillion, of course!

(NB – Now that I write this, I remember I actually DID this sort of thing along with Advanced Hill Training, and it felt like – quite literally – my body was “eating away the FAT” as I worked out. I don’t know – you’ll have to DO THE THING – and experience it for yourself!)

But even if you just do what it is mentioned in Corrugated Core and start with the VACUM, an amazingly effective version of the exercise in its own right, you’ll be doing just fine for a lifetime (no pun intended, and fact).

Get on it now, my friend. And in case you have questions about advanced stuff NOT shown in my books, well, apply for coaching right HERE and we’ll see what we can do!


Rahul Mookerjee

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P.P.S.- I’ll be advising y’all on a KIDDIE variant of this exercise soon. Stay tuned (and no, it ain’t in Kiddie Fitness –  it WILL be though in the second Volume tho if I ever get around to it, hehe).

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