More on energy drains . . .
- They're really NOT worth it . . .

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One of the things I really do hate about people is when they become massive ENERGY DRAINS – and energy suckers.

Curiously enough these same people then sometimes (after being an energy leech el -maximuso) proceed to lecture yours truly on “what is an energy drain”.

I’ll never forget the 5 minute or so audio message (ugh, I hate those! Why can’t we just text with el caveman, hehe) that I got from THAT dude who lives in mainland China and rants on and on about the injustices there (and about the Hong Kong issue as well).

Can we say hypocrite. With a capital frigging H.

Like I said before, dude, if you hate the place that much – then LEAVE. Staying there and complaining about it all day is nothing but counter productive, and that’s putting it LIGHTLY.

Yet another one in the “foreign loser” category – except he was of Chinese descent.

I’ve written about him before HERE so I won’t do so again, but you get the point.

I’ve also written about my thoughts on the Hong Kong issue, and why do I mention this?

Well, first off, because of the recent legislation that China has apparently introduced (but not drafted) that would pretty much take away whatever it left of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

And of course, my phone has been buzzing off the hook with people eager to discuss it with yours truly.

My response?


As I stated before, while I have a very strong opinion on how things should proceed in Hong Kong, at the end of the day it’s a dicey issue.

There are TWO sides to this, just as there are to the Israel Palestine issue, and HERE is where I’ve written about it – if you’re interested, it might be well worth a read.

But more to the point, why do I bring this up.

Because the vast majority of these people – or perhaps ALL – are NOWHERE to be found when yours truly needs to discuss something.

Which el caveman doesn’t with the sheeple, but the point stands . . .

When I talk about something that is outside their tiny sphere of “interest” (read ESL bubble – no, NOT the expat bubble – that was pretty much back in the day, but most QUALIFIED – read folks that can do more than sing A B C in front of a kindergarten class done LEFT already – way, way back in 005 when the last great “qualified expat exodus” happened), I’m sure you can guess their reactions and responses.


Or ignore . . .

Or the cursory “Oh yeah. Whatever” as they go back to their little bubbles, entirely oblivious to what YOU HAVE TO SAY.

Curiously enough these are the same people that troll all day long on internet forums – – or get online and “diss” those that have actually MADE it through their OWN hard work (no, no handouts or Mommy’s credit card, hehe)

The same people that want it all for “free”. That want to get on IDIOTIC phone calls for HOURS on end while WASTING your time – and finding some place to vent (for them).

Don’t get me wrong. Venting is fine, but it’s a two way street, my friend and I long ago got TIRED of people calling me for hours and venting about their stuff (usually B.S. politics and other issues – all boils down to “these people have no one to talk to”).

The SAME people that are first in line at the government office to get the handouts – while publicly criticizing the very same people that are helping them.

And the same people that are drunk every night, of course . . . And that are married to, or in relationships with local women from other cultures, and all the time complain about “she can’t understand me!”

Boo hoo. . .

And more.

And if you just recognized youself in any of those categories, well, rest EASY – you ain’t alone!

Anyway, enough of that.

To truly progress in life, my friend you have to cut out what does NOT work for you.

You have to notice your FEELINGS – and if “energy drain” is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a message, or get on a call (or think about it) – well – here is my advice – DON’T.

You may and probably will lose a lot of relationships that way, but think about this – were the energy leeches actually BENEFITING you in any way (and no, I ain’t talking just money here)?

Did you feel uplifited after talking to them – – or was it always “I wish he’d give me a chance to air MY opinion too!”

Stop being a “complaint box” for others, my friend. Do so today, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel almost instantly!

And if you truly DO want to hang out with the DOERS – those that are MOVING AHEAD in life – and keeping in top SHAPE – well – do so HERE.

I look forward to welcoming you ON BOARD, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

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