Heads up with regard to rahulmookerjee.com
- The site CLOSEST to my heart . . .

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As you read this, and indeed as I write this a MASS PURGE is going on – not on this particular website, but on the FIRST site.

The ORIGINAL site if I may . . . www.rahulmookerjee.com.

Where it ALL started, my friend . . . and while I don’t mean to be overly philosophical about it, it it DID indeed all start there.

This particular “here” update will NOT be sent out on social media for reasons known only to me – and it will only be sent to my current list HERE (you guys on the list deserve the updates first, and in this case I only want those of you that are SERIOUS to know, so!).

The email list on that website has grown to be huge and bulky, and has over 30 K subscribers at the time of writing this.

Some of you guys on the list are genuine – some NOT.

And some of the email address (indeed quite a few of them) seem to have been inputted by people OTHER than the owners of the email addresses themselves. Absolutely NOT acceptable to me, my friend.

And not only that – over the past few days, I’ve been chatting about reviving the rahulmookerjee.com site.

I’ve already got THIS site going STRONG – so it ain’t about business.

It’s about the heart.

THIS IS WHERE it all started (to grow and be FULL time doing this) for me, and this site has a very special place in my heart, as does the orignal Fast and Furious book.

(NB – although all my products are DIGITAL now, Fast and Furious Fitness is the ONLY product I currently offer in hardcopy format. Collector’s items as it were, and again, good reason behind this!).

If you want the hardcopy though, you’ll have to email me for it. I’m offering it in digital format on the site, but I’ve got a stack of HARDCOPIES sitting here right by me as I type this, hehe.

You always remember that first love. The first book you wrote. The very first fitness venture you embarked on, hehe (and for me it wasn’t even this rahulmookerjee.com website. It was another domain and I’ll have to check and see if that is still available!).

Ah, if only I had known what I do NOW – I could have made things so much “bigger” and helped SO MANY MORE people . . . but thats OK.

It all happens at the right place and right time, and for a reason.

I’ve had a very storied life indeed – continue to do so – no complaints, and in that vein, I’m back to deleting people.

KEY TAKEAWAY from all this, you ask?

Well, THIS.

If you’re truly interested in receiving updates from yours truly (note – these updates will NOT in MOST cases be the same as you get from on a daily basis from 0 Excuses Fitness) then please resign up again using the newsletter sign up function on the main page (at the bottom of the www.rahulmookerjee.com website).

Welcome aboard again as I “resuscitate” that website (funnily enough, it still ranks very highly in Google) – and while I’m not sure what plans I have for it down the road, for now, it’s going to be something DIFFERENT – that is ALL I can promise!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, I write about topics other than fitness. If that pisses off some people, so be it – please do NOT sign up. Other hand, the 0 Excuses Fitness site will probably become more fitness related down the road, and the other one more life – but we’ll see how that goes, hehe.

P.S #2 – Last, but not least, don’t forget to check out 0 Excuses Fitness products right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/

P.P.S – If you’re already signed up for THIS list, but would like to see what I have to offer on that other site down the road, YES, do sign up on the other site as well . . .

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