Aint nuttin free in life, son
- Not even fitness, hehe

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I still remember Denzel in Training Day (or his character the rugged and crooked to a T “Alonzo Harris” if I might say so) telling the young buck Ethan Hawke (Jake Hoyt) this.

They had recently got a warrant signed by a judge for the supposed “search” of a person who was supposed to Harris’s close friend . . . and what happens?

Well, most of you probably know that Harris “pops him” and pins the blame on to guess who.

And while the movie in itself is a potboiler movie, I was discussing something with the wife this afternoon, and I “got it”.

Or should I say I remembered to write this to you, hehe.

You’ll see that on this here site I’ve got a ton of pop-ups (well, less than before though hehe) and many sign up forms etc for our FREE newsletter, which if I may add doesn’t fall into the “aint nutting free in life” category in that it adds VALUE.


In fact, I’ve read books on success and life by so called “experts” and “life coaches”, and sometimes, their entire books have less depth than an email I send – or blog post I write – or one of my lengthy Medium or Linked pieces (again, completely free by the way).

It might be human nature to NOT value that which you get free, but from the small but growing and rabidly fanatical 0 Excuses Fitness subscriber base (I’m talking real customers, not just those that sign up for the free newsletter and then do exactly squat all) – – this doesn’t apply to the DOERS in life.

I’ve often gotten free stuff off the Internet or friends which believe it or not I’ve sometimes valued OVER paid stuff . . . I know, sounds amazing, but is true.

The best thing in life are often free!

Have I thrown you enough curveballs as yet?

Probably so so back to the central premise of this.

I’ve noticed many folks send people a free e-book – or free copy of something – or free SOMETHING in return for an email address, for one.

But have you ever noticed that all these freebies “leave something to be desired”?

In most cases, those freebies are but “bait” designed to get the subscriber to buy a  paying product and while I do KNOW people that provide REAL value even with their free giveaways in return for an email address, they are in the minority. Very much so!

And that’s one reason I don’t give out free anythings when people sign up for MY lists – except our daily emails, and those enough add enough value for a lifetime, I’d say, for the average person out there.

Free is often NOT valued, my friend . . . and in addition to that, everyone knows the truism of “aint nutting free in life”.

So there it is. Chew on this some – and let me know what you think!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While there are many that are content to remain “Free subscribers”, there are also those that want MORE – and it is for THOSE people that I created all my products. Take a gander here.

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