The “2.5 kg hand”

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Or the hand that weighs 2.5 kgs …

And since I was talking about a Bollywood actress in the last post, here’s one on my (all time) favorite Bollywood actors.

(even though I dont watch Bollywood , Hollywood, Tolly wood, Spanish wood (sorry, hehe) or any WOOD now … )

(I did watch “Get the Gringo” the other day though. Can’t resist Mel Gibson on occasion, hehe).

(And Passion of the Christ! Now that was GORY, and NOT one I enjoyed, but again, the realism .. )

Anyway, back in the day they made this Indian movie about a lady that (insert drama) got thrown into a mental asylum (insert drama) when she wasn’t insane (insert family drama) and (insert more drama) …. and well, at the end of all that she runs into a drunken lawyer.

Played by none other than the inimitable Sunny Deol.

Sunny “Pa Ji” (as people call him. My Punjabi aint up to speed to be honest, but I believe that is “fondly calling”).

Anyway, he was (is) an action “hero” of yore.

Yes, the REAL MAN times.

When men were men and women were women.

When men drank beer and had hairy chests and weren ‘t apologetic about showing off their mamoth muscles either (even though they were built in the gym, hehe).

Not all .. but we’ll get to that soon!

Anyway, some baddies show up at his house threatening him to drop the case while he’s on his fifth or so bot of whisky. (ey).

And, long story short, he sends them packing with the following dialog.

“When this 2.5 kg hand falls on someone, that someone doesnt rise. He “rises”!”

(goes to heaven was the unsaid thing behind the dialog, which I’ve attempted to translate from Hindi).

Now, make no mistake about it – Sunny is a great actor. Sunny did GREAT action scenes. But the real he man of the family is his Dad.

Look at the two, and you can tell which one you would NOT want to tangle with.

A man that built his strength by working on farms, doing pushups (500 of them at a certain point daily) and more.

A man that is every bit as strong as he looks at the age of 80 plus.

He has the look about him!

So does Sunny, but his strength is mostly built (these days from what I gather) via gyms etc.

Which is fine, but nothing beats Clint Eastwood nearing 90, or above it, pumping out one arm pushups!

And Sunny’s Dad Dharamendra could probably knock off a few himself !

(He said Sunny could, and he couldn’t but I’m not so sure Dharam “Pa ji” couldn’t, hehe).

And last, but not least. Sunny Deol. His “Ghayal” will be a classic that lives on forever for me, if just for the TRAINING montage!

A convict in prison.

Breaking stones (apparently India in the 1980’s or 90’s decided to show what was shown in Rambo – II – in the 70’s. Now THERE is a real pioneer – Stallone! Way ahead of his time, and continues to be!) .

Boom. Boom. Boom. The stones break.

Long day.

And at night, while the inmates are resting, the music POUNDS. The beat BEGINS.

And Sunny is seen knocking out pushups.

The next day, he’s seen eating a bare bones meal and then knocking out chins!

(admittedly not my favorite exercises, pull-ups being far superior, but still!)

(I’ve spoken about why in the advanced book on pull-ups)

And in the rain at that.

Brings back memories of yours truly doing just that, hehe.

And end of it all, he finishes off by doing a version of the farmer’s walk …

Truly inspirational are both the father – son duo – both down to earth – both a welcome break from the fake sissified men running around town these days!

Now, what does this have to do with YOU, you ask.

Well, this.

Yours truly might not have a clubbell for a hand.

Or a chest like “Dharam’s”

Or … you get the drfit. 😉

But I DO have my voice, and here speaketh the 2.5 kg voice, yet again.

GET the 0 Excuses Fitness System now my friend. Not only will it build supreme levels of health, strength, and fitness in no time flat, but you won’t even have to leave the house for it – or your bedroom, hehe.

Can’t beat that,me thinks.

So says the “dhai kilo ki awaz”, hehe.

Backed up by results and plenty of muscle too!

And thats that from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Don’t forget to pick up 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections while you’re at it. You’ll love it!

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