Why a lot of advice out there is not just utter garbage, but not tailored to the current “age” (and then some that DOES WORK)
- It boggles the mind!

I see a lot of “advice” out there on the Internet – sometimes from people whove made millions of dollars (really made, as opposed to the “posers”) doing what they say they do.

And teaching others how to do it.

But sadly enough, a lot of this advice doesnt WORK in today’s day and age – especially the unprecendented “China plague” age we live in where everything has quite literally been turned topsy turvy.

Fitness wise, business wise, life wise …

Dont send more than X number of emails say all the experts, or you’ll “turn your list off”.

Have a regular sending schedule.

A regular “time” when your emails go out so people “expect” it then.

All of this may be good “tinned” advice, but it’s never done me a lick of good – and I suspect it hasn’t done a lot of folks a lick of good either.

Especially not in the panic-demic.

What you do is what works for you, which for me is the precise and polar opposite of what MOST so called experts recommend you do.

Both life wise and fitness wise – and business wise.

Run on the treadmill for half an hour a day, they all claim, even as celebrites and sportspeople doing just that are not just NOT getting into better shape by doing that, but worse – ending up in the hospital.

Plus, what if you can’t get to the damn gym at all for months?

You still pay the fees!

But you can’t GET there because of inane lockdowns, restrictions or what not ..

Once you do get there, I dont think you’ll be “broing” around these days with all the Nazi social distancing going on and what not . . .

Yet, NONE of the advice out there – or precious few people – give it to you straight about home based workouts, and how they work better than almost anything else out there – plaguedemic, or not …

I do.

I always have – recession or not – plague-demic or not – panic or not.

And I always WILL continue to, because it’s true.

Some things don’t change.

Then, we have the so called gurus preaching about business, where to advertise and such.

People find you on Google, they say. Advertise there.

Well, this advice isn’t necessarily true TODAY. And it wasn’t back in the day either.

Google is ONE way to do it, yes.

But it ain’t the only and best way by far, and never has been.

In a panic demic, unfortunately or not, people are driven by PANIC.

Closed minds filled with fear.

And therefore, the laws of business may sometimes change from giving people what they WANT – to what they NEED – and profiting from it – because sometimes, that want is a NEED too.

My books are written precisely in this manner – plague or no plague.

I give people what they want, yes. But I also give ’em what they need!

Napoleon Hill spoke about this in Think and Grow Rich i.e. giving people what they NEED.

That book was written in one of the greatest depressions the world has ever, ever seen – until – NOW.

And the advice in it is sage, and holds true until today. Precious few FOLLOW it though.

Some advice does stay constant throughout the ages! (unless it’s so called gurus raking it during the good times and using that advice during the bad as well to try and make more, knowing fully well it doesnt work).

More examples of good advice “for the ages”?

Well, my book Fast and Furious Fitness – the ORIGINAL – the actual “hardcopy” is one of them!

I still have 5 of them sitting around.

It was 8 when I first mentioned it a month or so ago.

Oddly enough, I never marketed it as much as I should have – beyond a few emails, I never spoke of these books.

But the advice in Fast and Furious Fitness, which later morphed into the Rolls Royce is SAGE, my friend.

And if you want the ORIGINAL in your hands – with the original cover that will not be printed any longer, well, nows the time to “get it on”.

Simply choose the right option on the sales page, and we’ll have it sent out to you – but hurry – it’s only until those last 5 last.

Or 4 -because I might keep one for myself!

Other than that, remember the 30% discount we have going on which lots of you have responded to – great job!

It won’t last forever either, so strike while the iron is HOT my friend.

And thats it for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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