When sites, businesses become “overly salesy” …
- Sad, but true!

Recently, a company that I used to greatly admire (and indeed, I use their system as the backbone of some – or a lot of what I do here on this site) sent out a mass email.

Their owner was, after 12 years or so, handing over the company to another (somewhat bigger) company – equally well known apparently in the digital world.

Another software company.

(ever notice how so many visionaries that started companies – huge ones, or even small ones that made a huge impact – are resigning, or moving on to better things or something now?? Google guys, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, and a litany of other doers.

They figure they’ll cash out while the going is stil good – hehe – bottom line.

Cant say I blame ’em – and in Jeff’s case, he sure ain’t cashed out like a lot of others has, he’s simply reinvesting into the next big thing down the line!)

But all these people give SOME sort of a story or the other i.e. “the right time to leave” or “life happens”, or something…some “sound and feel good story”.

yet, when I read these stories, I have to suppress a chuckle.

Like dude, just be honest and come out and say it – the PROFIT margins if any are no longer worth it, not to mention the hassle!

Ain’t nothing wrong with going out on a high, onto bigger and better, yet, we rarely see that being written or said?

Maybe not everyone is as brutally frank as I am.

But anyway, so this company CEO was doing the same.

And while the personal reasons mentioned are likely true, I KNEW the biggest reason was what is ABOVE.

i.e. MONEY – financial reasons.

Their site was down briefly the other day.

It’s back up now!

And … voila!

It’s back – in a much more SALESY format.

“Discount coupons” and “stamps” stamped all over the page.

“100% money back if not satisfied guarantees” everywhere!

And of course, the tacky “strikethrough” i.e. the prices have been increased for all their options from what they were – BUT – they’ve got higher prices with a strikethrough above.

Nah, fellas, it doesnt fool us. (like, why would anyone give up an obviously GOOD THING?) (unless you profit more by giving it up but that aint the case here)

And whats sad?

They’ve got many loyal customers like me who will see through that BS instantly.

Yes, I get it.

Profits are likely at an all time low if at all, their coders need to be paid and so forth.

If I were them I’d just increase prices upfront, like I do with my books and products!

For me, I think it’s best to be upfront.

And as I finish doing on the other site what NO-ONE except Amazon is doing these days, and what I will do on this one too i.e. a REWARDS program for you guys – (indeed, businesses even when you mention this to them directly, they just look away – people have LOST long term vision apparently??? People have lost sight of the fact that FOCUS on the customer is where it’s at!) . . . I stopped doing that to write this to you, because its just so important.

Dont you just hate that?

A great company, except now you’re at the site, and you see clearly tacky BS there…

That will never happen for a visitor to our website!

I’ve used the strikethrough before, but only when it’s REAL.

And with us, what you see (like with Rahul Mookerjee) is what you GET.

You either do or you dont.

And you’ll certainly never see any tacky BS like that happen to us.

Hey, they switched owners for a reason like I said.

And I suspect it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass – their tactics.

(What people really loved about them – their stuff worked – and it still DOES, they’re great – dont get me wrong! – that despite their initially high prices, there was no sales BS about them – no repeated badger “buy nowwwwwwwww!” emails, no repeated offers, and so forth. I think they sent ONE email if the guy didnt buy, that was that – now? They send out way more – and this change is happening right after the “handover”, so …)

(i.e. people loved their products and the NO “pushy sales” thing – they had it RIGHT, like Amazon does, like WE do.

Trust me, if people want to buy, they’ll come back to you anyway, turning them off with this salesy crap isn’t really worth it long term – but businesses dont care anymore, which is utterly, to me at least, insane.

Bills, yeah, we all got ’em, but there are different ways to think about this particular kettle of fish, most choose the profoundly moronic Bozo way)

Anyway, I’m out.

Be on the outlook for the rewards program and link – should be up soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Give first, and THEN you shall receive. 

Universal mantra that holds just as true today as it did when Emerson said it, since the beginning of humankind, Universe, even!

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