Are monkey bars a better, and more superior test of health, strength and flexibility – and agility – than the almighty pullup?
- Always forcing you to think differently about fitness, am I! - and always will. Hehe.

Always forcing you to think differently about fitness, am I! – and always will. Hehe.

But really, as I recall a monkey invasion a while ago, or a few moon ago, or maybe “very recently” – depends – for me, sometimes time blends, and to me, Nov 11 is a special day – I can FEEL IT!

That crisp winter air, Anne, the day that went NIGH PERFECTLY – Dec 2, or 1 I believe in 2019, then in … I think Feb at the start of this YEAR …

Some days – you just wake up and feel it in your bones.

Special day, and I believe I wrote about a certain Tracy and how she made me feel, and this date the 11th popped up.

I wrote it down in detail, unfortunately, the computer crash afterwards means it may or may not be backed up, we’ll see.

Backed up, of course, is definitely something that the majority of the population struggles with.

Always the guy that blends the sublime in with the “ewwwww” I’ve been told, hehe. Graphic descriptions of ALL. LOL

But anyway … sit in the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat, and with a host of other medical, pestersome issues – this will go away too. QUICK too. you’ll be surprised at how quick!

(have the throne, or the woods nearby. hehe).

The former if you are a human, the latter if you’re a grizzly like I am. Hey. Bears shit in the woods, and hey – believe it or not, the Indian wrestlers we all so admire traditionally shit together – and they inspect their you know what as well to make sure it’s all digested well! (the food).

I dont go that far, no.

Glyn Schofield in Brum does though, but for a different reason.

But anyway, monkeys, and apes, and pull-ups, and monkey bars.

Which is a better test of strength and agility?

I’ve always said, end of the day, pull-ups are great – and the best test of strength ever.

But with a caveat thrown in.

STRICT pull-ups done like I teach you, not the nonsense kipping in Cross Fit etc … will test your strength like NOTHING and no other exercise can, not even in some ways the almighty handstand pushup.

But strength and agility, I’ll tell you this, friend.

Ive had super studs at pull-ups scream with pain – and cracked calluses on palms that split wide open within two minutes of me putting them through Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) workouts – or Battletank Shoulders workouts, both of which involve those EXTREME grip workouts.

Literally – if they can even do the monkey bars to start with.

I could write a book on training out there with monkey bars, so exhaustive is this one exercise.

Maybe I’ll call it “Da Xing Xing” – or King Kong Fitness as one of my book ideas was, which never came to fruitition.

The Chinese are not known, especially these days, for lavishing praise upon foreign devils, yet, some things – when facts are facts – no-one can ignore ’em.

& to me, the monkey bars are a far better strength of agility plus strength – and TENDON STRENGTH.

Look at what monkeys do in the wild, the primates WE descended from – it might be a good idea to “monkey see, monkey do!”

The monkeys did it when they saw me swinging off the pull-up bars.

They had it spot on.

Look at how strong and fit monkeys are, even the baby monkeys – despite the amount they EAT.

Not just the fact they move all day, they move like one does on monkey bars x 10.

(there is a reason they’re called that).

They move not slowly and ponderously like most human do on monkey bars if they can even do ’em.

Most can’t.

ONe arm at a time, three bars at a time, lik eI do, Da Xing Xing style, do it, and you’ll truly know why this is a hidden gem of an exercise I mention in nigh near ALL my books.

It’s oft ignored, of course …

But move like that for a minute – or a few seconds, and sit like monkeys do – in that squat I mentioned above – or, move on the GROUND like a monkey does – I’ve explained how in Animal Kingdom Workouts, and you’ll quickly realize the truism of what I say above.

Dont get me wrong, again, pull-ups in strict form – great.

But how many real life situations demand that strict range of movement?

See the Bourne Supremacy for one, you’ll know.

The Marines are great at pull-ups.

They PRIDE themselves on their ability to do pull-ups, but as my buddy told me, and he’s right.

“They teach us to do them from all angles!’

Yes, my friend.

In real life, you need real strength, thats what the pull-up builds yes – but monkey bar swings build your upper body strength and fry off fat nigh quick like very few exercises an.

I told you about how my friend and I were discussing fighting, and he kept saying this.

“You’ve got the long arms and grip, once you get them, they’re GONE!”

He’s said that all the time, of course, the unnatural pull to the grip.

But we were practising moving around like monkeys, taking people off balance (remove their legs, and it’s a whole different ball game like I told you yesterday, even for skilled fighters – remember, the power comes through the legs and core!)  (fell that tree, it’s a different ballgame!) …


I’ve always been called that.

Likely always will, and its a moniker that along with the other 2000 odd, mostly non complimentary, hehe, I’m very proud of.

I’m especially proud of the non complimentary ones.

it’s one thing to hate me, then say “more garbage from him” and move on.

Its another for these haters to get PISSED.


I love it!

Alright, enough for me.

But if this here email doesnt persuade you to drop EVERYTHING you’re doing NOW and get Animal Kingdom Workouts for one, I dont know what will.

DO so now, my friend – and brother – and sister.

And get back to me – with REVIEWS!


Rahul Mookerjee

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