Why I always look back when reversing, why I prolly always will..
- It just works better that way, to be precise!

Until Jeff Bezos makes a robot to do it for us, heh.

Come to think of it, thats been there i.e. GPS and such, and what do they call it in cars now? You look at a damned screen and reverse, first it was look at the mirrors, then some software that tells you how to reverse…

I remember Carol in 2015, being SHOCKED when I looked back to reverse.

To “back up” ,for you guys from the US reading this. Hehe.

“But that not how to drive!”

I’ve heard these sort of idiotic moronic comments from all and sundry, my friend.

From a girl (Carol) who hadn’t even driven out of the city in like 8 years despite her husband at the time gifting her a Ford SUV for her birthday – first time she did it was with me.

Second time, that infamous “get in the car” and drive 18 hours in China, and repeat over the National Day holiday, something even experienced drivers wouldn’t do – except yours truly has done it in India, which is even tougher “baptism by fire” – especially in them Himalayas, and those long 20 hour Florida drives in America which felt literally pedestrian in comparison – tho you gotta watch out for them DEERS!


Or, cops issuing tickets or what not in the middle of the road, I Still remember a certain patrolman jumping out of the way at 2 am in the morning, we were roaring back from Alabama to MS, I was pissed the girlfriend wanted to take a detour, we got lost, despite her knowing I’m like her grandfather who once he DECIDES on an itenary, he does NOT veer from it – she wanted to because of the “white sands beach” or some nonsense (admittedly beautiful, but we had a long drive back from Crystal Springs!) … and hey, I had the car under control, but I WAS barrelling along at damn near 140, hehe, on a 120 road! So I dont blame the trooper, better safe than sorry, hehe.

I had the jitters though when a cop car pulled up behind me, lights flashing.

“Baby, I told you not to speed”, went the ex!

The cops disappeared just that miraculously.


Also reminds me of the time I drove a car – literally – into the ditch on the side of the highway trying to get to Waffle House.


Dr Lamar, my “mentor” of sorts in school in life (he tried to be, at least) if nothing else, and his daughter… I’ll always remember ’em.

The good Doc always full of life and joie de viovre till the end – until theplague took him.

And his daughter, admittedly far crankier, lupus and a host of other medical issues took her, but she had a good heart.

Where was I .

Ah yes, how to drive.

Look, fella.

Right from the time my friend in class, I forgot his name NOW “JOhn” actually, hehe, with a big tummy that when I poked it he told me to “behave” (this was a STRONG dude though, believe me) told me when I was practising on his truck in the US.

“Take care of whats in front of you, if someone hits your butt, thats their problem”.

Luckily Glyn Bozo wasn’t around, he’d have jumped to do just that!

Poor Brum, all the traffic accidents there.

And clogged up plumbing, dont know if they finally removed the berge?

But anyway (or Bozo) but anyway ….

Look, looking back when you reverse is the way to do it, my friend.

And Dr Lamar agreed.

Mirrors dont always give you an accurate picture, he’d always say.

Neither do all these fancy softwares, I’d add on.

Maybe that robot will change thy tyre someday, when you have a flat (thankfully with the tyres out these days, the ole “nail in tyre” occurences are reducing) …

But even then, I’ll look back when I’m backing up, its just he right way to do it, it just feels right!

When you move backwards, and there is a person behind you – lets say youre doing some of my Advanced Hill Training workouts, you look back, right?

Especially with idiotic girls on their dumbphones that they’re so engrossed in an 18 wheeler would have to move around them, of course, it’s all your fault!

But looking back, unless you’re driving an 18 wheeler which yes, I’ve done – or an U haul, yes, done that many a times – is the way to go, my friend.

Might make me a fuddy duddy and an “anachronism” from the past, but so be it.

Anyway, dont know why I Felt compelled to share that?

Maybe because I was thinking of Dhanaulti in India, a place I’ve never been to, but would love to, it has the feel to it (just ask a certain “Ravi Kant”, hehe).

Whisky in the Indian HImalayan afternoons, winter at that …

I dont know, you gotta do it to feel it, it’s just indescribable that part of the world, it will always be my favorite place in the whole world.

You gotta go there to feel it!

And do some 0 Excuses Fitness there too, my friend.

Trust me, feels different out there on them REAL HILLS!


Rahul Mookerjee

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