What people don’t say is often more important than what they DO SAY.
- Amen!

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Ask anyone what they want out of life, business, relationships etc – you’ll get the stock answers most likely – if at all.

It might sound amazing, but ask most people what they want – a clear, concise answer – either out of l ife or fitness, and you won’t get any – at least not right off the bat.

And most of the time, post the initial hesitation you’ll get the stock answers you already know.

“You see things very clearly!” was what Charles Mitchell, a great customer, one of many once told me.

That I do.

Not just in terms of my life, in terms of others, the world, predictions and so forth, and while I neither expect others to believe in my “mental ways” (though if you will, it will move mountains for you) – nor to become “seers” as I’ve often been called – I DO expect people to have a clear idea of their OWN lives.

Unfortunately, most people don’t.

And, its what people dont say is what really matters often times.

Look at most marriages on the surface for one, you’d think it was marital bliss, yet, delve a bit deeper into what both partners “really want” – what they “really think” – and you’ll find a cornucopia of dissatisfaction in most cases, and a yearning for more which is usually suppressed because “thats how it is”.

(and “what people will think” – thats more common than you’d thaaaaannnk (Southern English there, hehe).

And that “thats how it is” thinking is something I’ve never been satisfied with …

In terms of life, where people want to live etc – what they REALLY want out of life?

If you’d tell the average guy upfront in public what he really wants, for instance, is three gorgeous girls on him “on command” – hehe – he’d deny it until he’s blue in the face, then he’d go home and look it up on the internet!

Trust me, those hidden desires, wants, they fester, they never go away.

If you’re smart like Jeff Bezos and a few of us are, you realize that your dreams chase you, and you LET them do it.

Anyway, in terms of products etc, often times what people dont say is what really matters.

Unless they’re trolls like Glyn spreading negative nonsense for no reason …

But often times, you’ll have people wanting more, hoping for more, not necessarily being dissatisfied with a product, but wanting more …

… brings me back to that ole bugbear, REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!


They’re that important I’ve even rejigged the entire system to send out MORE reminders on reviews.

As if you didnt get enough, I hear you saying.

But they’re never enough, hehe.

And a lot of people have still not taken action on the reviews.

Remember, friend, reviews help us immeasurably, they keep trolls away, YOU get a 10% discount on your next buy (flat discount code), you get a mention on the site, and more!

Beats me why more people aren’t leaving reviews.

So this is a call out (and no “I’ve stopped caring” doesnt cut it either) for reviews.

And of course, building the best fitness base is what matters FIRST – do so by investing in , and then DOING the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Once you start getting good at that, you go advanced!

And there’s more than enough I have to offer in that regard, hehe.

Here;s but ONE of those great, advanced courses, here’s another

Have at, folks.



Rahul Mookerjee

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