“Annkhen hai ya button” – and how life always finds a WAY!
- It sure does..

“Do you have eyes or BUTTONS!”

I was often told this when I couldn’t find something that was staring me straight in the eye, hehe.

As I talk about that old picture, I think buttons – hey, I’ll take that.

Those soulful buttons that have captured a bazillion hearts, those buttons that are the WINDOW to the soul, that everyone notices…

I’m not even a poet. I’ll stop!

But, I remember THIS line from Jurassic Park.

The book – not so much the movie.

“Life finds a way”, said Malcolm.

“I dont know how to put it, but it’s true”. It does!

He was talking to the engineers at Jurassic Park that were saying it was impossible for the dinos to breed.


Apparently they built the dinos so that they didnt have a crucial gene needed to propogate.

Or, well, copulate.

Well, what happened was that the dinos – and no-one noticed this had some “frog” DNA or something that allowed the males to change gender or something, so some of them could “copulate” and produce offspring.

Glyn Schofield loved that movie, I knew there was a reason why. Hehe.

And produce offspring they did.

That was a book, a very well written one, like all of mine.

But its true, life does indeed find a way.

It could be digitzing Earth in space and storing stuff in miles long , I dont know, server racks or what not in space, it could be SURVIVAL NOW – it could be, I dont know, but as long as there is life, it will find a way to survive and thrive – and PROPOGATE.

Or at least, some will…

Anyway. Why do I keep bringing all this up.

Well, because a lot of you, my friend, have been reading these emails, and not taking action.

That includes YOU, my friend.

I’ve sent you these emails about the offers, the products, the compilation offers and so forth …

But, while some of you have taken action, a lot of you have not.

And the time to do so – is NOW, my friend.

Take action now, and start reaping the rewards “in perpetuity”.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And those that have STILL not gotten the 0 Excuses Fitness System, I dont get it, just what the hell are you waiting for, my friend, brother, and sister? I dont get it, write back and tell me, it’s the very baseline of any serious fitness trainee’s routine!

PS #2 – If you truly want it, you’ll FIND a way. Trust me on this one!