Amidst the rush to digitize everything…
- A moment of "thought"!

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I read that Jeff Bezos claims that in the future, Earth will become nothing more than a “holiday destination” – sort of like you visit the pyramids in Egypt, you’d visit Earth, but that would be it for most people.

He said Yellowstone National Park, hehe.

I used the example I did because I wonder, with everything going on – it’s all a grand plan to CULL – I’ve been saying this for AGES now, precious few people have listened, and well, as we speak, the cat is well and truly amongst the piegons.

I’ve seen it, my friend – I’ve seen the future.

And the game ain’t even begun.

I know if I talk about “mind stuff”, a lot of you will say “hocus pocus”.

So I wont.

And while I’m not entirely sure about the space predictions Bezos makes coming true, I do know if they do, Earth would be left barely inhabitable, a far cry from the Yellow Stone National PArk he mentions – more like the dusty pyramids.

Anyway … Egypt has recently been hit by a scorpion attack, apparently they were forced out (thousands of nigh venemous scorpions – Egyptian scorpions are some of the deadliest in the world) due to extreme weather, and more than 500 or so people have already been admitted to hospital.

Truly the plague it is, when Trump said it, no-one listened, and now?

Anyway …

One of my earliest memories growing up was Dad taking two bottles and squishing a scorpion between them – we lived in the Middle East at the time.

Ugh, how I hate that area!

Not the people, not their culture, none of that.

But I wouldn’t live there if you paid me to. A company did pay me to live there, and it was very short lived indeed (although my lovely “wife” had a lot to do with that as well).

But anyway … memories, pictures.

Sometimes I wonder.

What will happen to all the black and white photos stored in houses globally – such as mine – when people “pass”?

My wife tells me they didnt even have a camera when she was young, and if they did, they apparently didnt care enough to take or keep photos.

But for those that did…

What will happen?

Will ALL be digitized?

How long will it all last?


Where would all the numerous websites out there go once their owners pass?

Hosting in perpetuity might be a thang, but I’m sceptical, as I am of constantly increasing Google costs and such for storage (I would use Amazon, I use them for damn near everything, but they dont do email so …) (well, not email like Google does).

Which is how Google got that popular if you think about it, I Still remember the link my father forwarded me when I was in China in 2003 to set up my Google account “by invitation”. Hehe.

Those days…

Anyway ….

I’ve no idea if my parents have digitized any of teh photos they have, yours truly, on the other hand has digitized everything several times over – whatever I care about.

This morning my daughter sent me a photo of a lovely phat phocker, holding a just adorable tiny little girl with big black eyes in his safe arms .

It’s her favorite picture.

And,  a running joke in the family too.

“Dad, YES, you used to be PHAT!”



I used to be a semi – cuck in some regards too, my friend – at least reading some of the conversation I’ve had in the past, it seems that way.


I was never that Bozo schofield type cuck, but I did allow my emotions to get the better of me often …

But anyway …

(and end of the day, thats why it never worked out. Can’t keep a real man down for long, a good man … whats the saying? On the tip of my tongue, something about good men and bad men , my buddy from the MArines told me … I can’t remember!

I just remember the line in the Stallone Flick “Get Carter” – “The only good in man is that he realizes there is evil in him” (this is not verbatim, but its the sum and substance of the Fredrick something quote)).

Anyway …………..

Along with that pic, I stored a pic of a little boy too.

An inquisitive cute as heck little boy gripping something tightly, wearing Dad’s “construction helmet”. Hehe.

He didnt have teeth at the time, not even milk teeth.

But it’s cute, that picture, and the only one I’ve digitized of my childhood.

(Eyes like “buttons”, deep and thoughtful, friendly, sparkling, you know how kids can be so cute!)

Secretly, my Mom doesn’t really know about that!


But the rest of the pics, just what I’ve taken, my old passports and such …

But anyway, makes me think.

What will happen “to it all”.

And anyway – digital is great.

So is paperback.

So are hardcover books!

THAT is why I dont go fully digital on this site, or any of the others I own.

Because nothing beats the smell of a crisply printed book, eh.

And on that note, I’m out.

Remember all the special offers we have going on.

And remember the two books y’all want the MOST – Battletank Shoulders, and Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Take action NOW, friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- Bezos didnt answer if Amazon will deliver to space, hehe. Maybe they’ll store everything there tho! Who knows..

PS #2 – Sometimes, indeed most of the time, I believe the best memories are those locked in thy BRAIN. Trust me on this one!

But, photos definitely have their place!

Indeed worth a 1000 words, a bazillion emotions. . .

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