Travelers in this here game of life.
- So it should be..

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Charles Mitchell, a great and one of my oldest and best customers once had this to say about me.

“For someone that doesn’t believe in God or religion, your emails – a lot of them – have a very strong spiritual side to them!”

He worded it differently, but that was the sum and substance of it.

Now, he’s right!

I’ve always believed in the Universe, and spirit, and will till the day of my physical “passing”.

No matter how that happens. I dont know, maybe when I pass, I’d like to do on the mountain! Hehe.

Maybe thats how it WILL happen. Hehe.

Fear not, though, Ive got forever and a day to badger YOU on this earthly plane we “inhabit temporarily”, hehe.

I saw a movie the other day “traveler” (not the English movie, I saw it on the internet, the Bollywood version. For some reason, a lot of the Bollywood movies in the 2000’s copied a lot of pre existing Hollywood films, which is sad, and another reason why I keep saying, the 90’s were the only and last real times! These days, of course, they’re all hell bent on copying Bollywood from yore as well, making remakes and such, as if living in the past will recreate it now – no, it won’t – taking the EMOTION from it will though! (if you visualize what you want right)).

I know.

More mental hocus pocus a lot of you say, but yours truly has always been a nomad as Charles rightly said, and yours truly is happiest “alone, where I might hang  my hat”.

Not quite at Texas Chainsaw levels as yet, but I definitely don’t like to be bothered. Hehe. I love to be left alone!

And create magic when I do so (or am I left alone, or a combo therein).

During this here journey, I keep those things with me that I either need – or want – or have sentimental value.

I dont know, after the medley of emotive dreams I had last night, I just had to search for an old HMT watch, you know, the kind where you pull out the stopper to stop the watch! my grandfather gave me.

After years, I remembered it.

It was always there.

I couldn’t find it.

Called the wife, asked her “if she could look in all those cupboards she’s got lying around”.

She claimed I tossed it, along with some other watches.

Shows you the level the relationship or lack of it is at, where she remembers fully well EVERY watch I’ve ever owned, but claimed “I tossed it”.

Subconsciously, perhaps thats what she was hoping for.

Yours truly doesn’t toss those things though – I eventually found it.

Along with a few others…

But, I only keep THOSE thing with me that have “good vibes” attached to them.

I’ve always loved watches, as my grandfather did.

And my wife once gave me one too.

I’ve still got it “from happier times as it were” – which is another reason “Fast and Furious Fitness” is still being sold on here, along with Corrugated Core and Dish Delicious, all from “happier times” as it were (they never last do they).

My customers have noticed that too!

Anyway, sentiment is something you should NEVER let go of.

16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections is but an ode to sentiment, and the sheer VALUE those emotions and feelings hold – I’m sur eyou have some too, share with us!

And, I dont know …

I know a lot of you value the BOOKS you’ve gotten from – either digitally or otherwise more than anything else you have.

You might not say it, but I can feel it.

And to me, thats the greatest honor I can receive, other than you BETTERING me at the exercises I teach you, hehe.

If you travel, if you live a life like mine, which of my books will you ALWAYS cherish, and take with you?

For some, its the book on reverse pushups.

For some, it’s Battletank Shoulders!. 

And for some, I dont know …

To me, all of you, the chats I have with you, the relationships, at the end of the day, when we pass, what do we really have?

THAT, my friend.

And thats that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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