The red blanket my grandfather once gave “me” …
- I think he gave it to me ...

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The watch was definitely for me! Hehe. I still remember the three watches he had going for the three “eldest” sons – all sons, for some reason, the other two were too young.

And the three piggy banks he had, steel ones, in which he faithfully deposited a coin daily. Hehe. (or nightly).

That white desk of his, the old style black and white phone, a man who had plenty of money, enough to build a massive house – but lived so simply that he didnt much care about it being overrun with roaches (despite gaggles of maids cleaning it on a damn near daily basis) – or didnt even have an air conditioner when everyone around him had.


I remember the 4th and 5th floor of the house he built for his son.

Ultra modern for those days, not a speck of dust even, forget let alone – roaches!

My grandfather said little, but he had a lot of common sense. I never really knew him that well other than the chess games we had, and of course the swimming!

I never sat down with him – well, we were too young – he passed when I was 13, and being he didnt visit “his daughter’s house” (some arcane culture thing, I dont know, so said Mom) … and being different cities, and I only saw him on summer vacations, and he was a private guy till the end (like me) …

But I still remember the chess games I “won” – because he let me.

Throwing a punch was something he probably never learned in his whole life. I made up for that myself, hehe.

But he had brain, plenty of it, the best doctor in those days literally in Kolkata, so they said, and he had the results to back it up for sure!

He was the one that performed an “open surgery” on a mole I once had on my chest, I think.

I could literally SEE into my chest, or part of it as they were doing it. Scary shit, hehe.

Thats REAL scary stuff, I feel for the women that are conned by hospitals worldwide to get C sections (like my wife was).

(because yours truly had no knowledge of it, because, well, I thought the FEMALE doc would say what needed to be said, except she didnt, she did what the hospital wanted her, all my friends’s wives had it done, I came out that way too, Mom was desperate as well to get the baby out apparently, I Dont know, so ….

it was only an old friend of my wifes that advised against it.

But, the way in which she did it was not convincing.

And of course, I got blamed for the wife’s issues thereafter. Hehe).

All because I wanted the baby to come to no harm, and I knew squat about all C sections despite researching plenty, when you’re actually FACED with a situation, its different, you can read all you like, it ain’t gonna replace real world knowledge.

Fitness wise, or otherwise, that bit holds true.

Anyway, my grandfather had a thick red quilt which I took with me in one of the two massive 30 kilo plus (they rarely checked weight until 2005 or so, I traveled with probably 90 kilos! Hehe. ) suitcases I had, and never lost.

Left it with the ex when I returned for “work” which I never should have, but I’m glad I did, because if I hadn’t, China would never have come about!

My mom was kinda upset over it “how could I have left it behind”.

Well, because there was SO Much stuff to tote back, it wouldn’t fit, not even with an extra massive 20 kg so called hand bag which others told me “thats a massive BAG!”.

You got away with a lot those days on American airlines. Hehe.

And globally too…

(in China too)

All that excess coming back to bite people in the arse.

Anyway, the ex died of lupus last year – she’s always had medical issues, and her Dad Dr Lamar passed due to the plague.

I’ve never been close to her mom, she is not the sort of person (I’ve mentioned why before) I’d even want in my life, not even from a “cursory” standpoint.

So, I dont know …

Along with the watch, I remembered that blanket.

But it’s in good hands, I know, whereever it is.

And one fine day, somehow, it will find its way back to me most likely, somehow, and it’ll go straight back to my Mom via me – if she is still on the physical plane at the time this happens.

Never one to keep something meant for someone else, although perhaps that was meant for me, yours truly traveler, the current blanket I use, same red color, red is one of my favorite colors, and so forth …


Lots of emotion in all this, but practically speaking?

Keep yourself in fighting fit shape, ready to fight anything and anyone, any disease, man made or not …

And thats really all there is to say.

And, oh, before I forget. Cherish those emotions, that sentiment, use it to DRIVE yourself to bigger and better, not pools of despair.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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