My “butt hurting” “Hercules RACE READY workout today!
- Indeed, hehe.

In one of PG Wodehouse’s classics, I can’t for the life of me remember which one, the great Jeeves “cons” ole Wooster into riding for miles – from one English country village to the other in pitch darkness – with pigs and chickens running amok everywhere … and no lights, and thinking …

“What a frightful stinker I might come if I hit one of those!”

Old school classical “English English” if you get my drift, nothing like it, hehe and the way Wodehouse does a play on words, there is no-one, I repeat, no-one that comes even close when it comes to comedy!

Basically the story was one where Bertie Wooster was supposed to imitate a robber in the dead of night, the occupants of the mansion all showed up to see who there was, and before they knew it they were locked outside – or so they thought. Hehe.

Bertie was the one who was “pushed” to ride an hour or so to the next village, another one back.


Except you should have seen how purple he turned when he learned the key was there all along, and it was merely a ruse to get the occupants off each other’s throats by focusing on a common “enemy” (joker) – Bertie. hehe.

Nothing quite unites as a common hatred, your enemy’s enemy is my friend and what not.

And I remember how Wodehouse described Bertie, google eyed on the bike, hoping he wouldn’t run into lampposts or what not, and having an “ache” in the billowy regions if you get my drift, his “seat” not being used to riding for a while …

Well, the PG Wodehouse series have always been a favorite of mine!

And – yours truly didnt quite have a Bertie moment today.

But he did ride a bicycle, a pretty nifty one made in China saying “Hercules race ready!” … for a long, long time today!

I remember thinking “what if the old skill deserts me ” (like Bertie thought, hehe).

But much like driving, swimming and walking, once you learn, you never ever forget!

And I didnt, and pretty soon I was “off to the races” doing my version of Lance Armstrong crouched over, speeding away at full tilt!

For some odd reason, I’ve never ridden beyond 8.

The age of 8 I mean.

I dont know, on the hill I kept seeing people on cycles, but yours truly always walked or ran.

Now, I fully expected some soreness after the long bike ride I Was on, being I have not done it for donkey’s years.

Surprisingly enough, or maybe not, the only soreness I have?

(Oh, and I did some heavy stone lifting too “lumberjack style” today. After seeing a movie on a pyscho in India who used those stone to smash people’s craniums in. Rumored to be part of a tribal shamianic group or something that worshipped the occult, guy was never caught, murders stopped mysteriously, started again in Kolkata, stopped JUST as mysteriously. They even made a pretty good movie I remember watching a while ago on that! – that same movie, for that matter).

I’m NOT sore in the upper body – no more than when I wrote to you this morning.

My legs, thighs, butt muscles, all dont even feel it.

Thank you HILL – and thank you, HINDU SQUATS!

But you know where and what I feel.

The “seat of my pants” is sore, and not the muscles either. Hehe.

It’s the feeling you get from sitting on that bicycle shaped seat. After a long long time …

And thats all, grip, triceps, I was expecting it all to be sore, nothing doing.

Anyway ………..

I have never included swimming or cycling specific exercises in any of my books. Maybe I will someday!

For now though, remember, the book I’m currently working on – guaranteed to turn you in a MODERN DAY HERCULES?

Is right here.

And you should check it out – right away.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Trust me when I say it, fellas. The ODD OBJECT lifting section of this book alone – so worth it!

You’ve never quite experienced your heart thump out of your chest than when you climb hills, yes.

But THIS, when you hoist heavy MASSIVE objects you can barely hold on to, grip, whatever, the weight all hither and thither?

Just TRUST me, it will build overall body strength and condition you – like a race horse, like nothing you’ve ever felt.

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