You have to BELIEVE – it’s possible – FIRST!
- Belief is what ultimtely makes things move!

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantation, the same affirmation leads to belief.

Once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to happen!

Now, I’ve told you plenty of great things – quoted plenty of inspirational yet “gritty and true” things – and I’ve usually parphrased the people saying it (like Charles Mitchell once said, you say it your own words, but you capture the gist so well!).

I do.

But you truly OWN a quote when you can repeat it in the SAME words the seer before you said it – almost in your sleep.

The quoted part above is one of those quotes.

That I never shy away from telling you about, because it’s so true, often ignored.

A student of mine, a great, great guy – hes bought the compilation on pull-ups.

he loves it, and cannot get enough of it.

And the exercise in general.

But, despite his many attempts to knock out those David Goggins like – or better workouts in part two of the book, he hasn’t been able to get there as yet.

Now, I’m not going to name him here because he didnt want to be.

Thats fine.

But, he’s a great coaching client, and he’s doing GREAT on pull-ups.

Form’s down pat, he’s in great condition overall, he does them 5-6 reps a set.

So why, you might imagine (and YES, he does other stuff as well, so it isnt a case of no pushups and only pullups like I once mentioned with me before) … ?

For a while, it puzzled me too!

(this is a case from “days bygone”).

Then I Got it.

“Do you see it as possible”, I once asked him.

The slight pause before you said  … or HE said, hehe …. “uh yes” …

That did it – gave it away.

This man was a stud otherwise.

Does plenty of bodyweight stuff, also swims.

But the number “100” for some reason evoked awe in him, so much so that his workouts (for pull-ups) would all stop around 60 or so.

Try as he might ,he never got past that barrier.

What I advised him?

Was not what you think, ie visualize yourself doing 100 plus pull-up workouts.

This is fantabulous if you can do it, and truly BELIEVE.

But this guy didnt feel much when he thought that – and if you dont feel much, without knowing it, your mind veers towards the negative.

That is just how we are built, friend.

Therefore, I gave him advice which stunned him initially.

I told him to drop the 100 goal – for now.

Get on the number 75, I told him.

He resisted initially, then I asked him how he felt (without over emphasizing it to him) about that number.

“Fooey, that”, I remember him saying so dismissively!

Thats nothing!

“Well, why haven’t you done it as yet”, I questioned very mildly. 

A week or so later, he did it.

I said nothing after that.

A couple of weeks later he was at 80.

Before I knew it, he was writing back to tell me “I did it!” i.e. he breached the 100 pull-up per workout mark.

I smiled – grinned my Cheshire cat grin.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it”, I quipped.

Then I told him the HOW’s of how HE did it.

Now, this has a lot to do with YOU as well.

And what I keep saying about upgradation of beliefs – GRADUALLY!

It coul dbe finances, life, relationship, anything, chances are if you see yourself somewhere, thats great, but do you really BELIEVE IT?

Sometimes, if the goal is stupendous, you might not yourself believe it!

Often times, for most people, it’s good to have the goal – but then have MINI goals to work towards that you can really get your teeth into, believe, and then DO.

Naturally, you keep upgrading until one fine day, 100 becomes easy peasy!

Thats what “T” did.

Thats what I recommend YOU to do.

And that, my friend is the message for that.

Pick up the most inspiring and down to earth fitness system here, hey …

And thats that!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

My pen often stops at “l” and I spell it “Rahu” often. another esoteric clue for y’all, another “Indian” thing, hehe.

PS – Shoot, almost forgot to tell you – compilations offer STILL VALID – but not for much longer, so hurry my friend (if you want in, I’m sure you do?).

Oh, I told a married couple with HUGE problems the same thing. 

“you have to see and BELIEVE, truly BELIEVE – it happening first”, I told the lady.

The “how” will come later.

More on that too soon!