Twist and Torque abs that NOTHING and no other exercise will (or can) give you.
- Yes, that X shape!

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This isn’t even me Tom Tomming what people say about the “V Shape to my back” – or looking like I “go to the gym” (when I ain’t seen the inside of a gym for years) (except the boxing ring, now that is different) – or the “X” shape to my body in general – which I’ve worked my butt off for (believe me, it wasn’t easy – and NO, I’m not naturally gifted physcially – its the opposite).

Somehow, that makes the success all the more sweeter though …

As I was telling my daughter subconsciously, hard work is like a plant, you plant a seed, you water it – and you do so with MANY of them – and one fine day, you’ll have a garden before you know it!

(with my arm around her shoulders…) (Daddy and daughter!)

(sometimes I’m nothing if not a big SOP, hehe). 

It isn’t, in this regard so much a matter of “see what happens” i.e. plant a seed hither, thither, see what germinates.

In terms of physical training, much like with bank account deposits, it WILL all add up – and make it that much more easier for you to MAINTAIN as you grow older (a lot of you are) – and pick up NEW training techniques that much better and more easily!

Anyway ……..

I was looking at my abs this morning.

They feel different, and my triceps, of course, are torched from what I told you yesterday about Torchbearing Fitness.

Friend, if you’ve read that email and not stepped up as yet, NOW is the time to place that pre-order. Trust me, this course has more benefits that 10 courses packed into one…

Anyway, that aside (and remember, I’m the pushup/pull-ups guy, so sore triceps is something for me! – but your GRIP will be fried too. Mine – nah, not sore as yet. Maybe if I do that with a buffalo it would be, hehe).

That aside, have you ever seen how the Indian wrestlers, especially the modern ones – LOOK?

Their core, specifically?

Even the Gama, who wasn’t exactly a small guy – and a lot of the wrestlers back then had considerable amounts of bulk and body fat (no, it wasn’t because what my wife said i.e. “harder to throw about”) … look at their cores.

It’s different from the flatulence you see on most people.

Much like sumo wrestlers, these guys actually have superb digestion, elimination, the lot.

And most of the modern wrestlers, you’ll see the abs popping out – yet not.

It will be solid muscular bulk “under the skin”, but not the six pack look.

I can’t explain it, you’ll know when you see it!

And see it you will – criss cross abs – like Ive explained and instructed YOU on how to get in Pull-ups – from STUD TO SUPER STUD – an exercise in there will give you those criss cross abs you so love, but you’ll have to do the exercise, and it’s a toughie. 

(there is a reason this book has the BESTSELLER tag next to it!) 

It’s FAR easier to get started with what I teach you in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, yet, in a way, far more difficult!

To summarize …

Indian club and mace work (to an extent kettlebells, but they dont come close) will give you that criss cross abs look – while frying off fat around your midsection – and strengthen your lower back “spinal erectors” beyond belief, in a way you never imagined – and best of all?

Like with my Eat More – Weigh less workouts, you’ll see results, nigh after the FIRST workout – and you’ll feel it.

Trust me on this one.

I wouldnt say it unless it’s true.

Corrugated Core gives you many such elementary “twist and torque” exercises too – the more you do that, the more your INTERNAL abs, the REAL ABS that hold your entire system up – get activated.

And THAT is what Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness targets as well, the “transverse abs”, the support system, all of it, the ignored parts that are never noticed, but are so VITAL…

And thats why, friend, you need to place your pre-order for this course now – along with my (as a friend said) “Indian heritage” (I know, Charles the former friend said I should Tom Tom it more, but I dont want to, I want my training methods to stand on their OWN – they nigh DO – but still!) – I can bring you these techniques in a way NO-ONE else out there, period – can.

SO thats it, my friend.

Last, but not least, my friend, please take action – and do so NOW.

I know you’re reading all of this, I know you want it, I also know bringing you info like this, all these emails, all the products, sometimes, I need ACTION FROM YOUR END TOO!

It cannot continue to be a one way street…

And there it stands.

RESULTS for you is what YOU should be focusing on, period. 

(and trust me, you’ll get far better results investing in YOU – than inane politics and political emails that keep showing up asking you to donate, end of the day, we all know these politicians dont we??) 

No -one except YOU is your savior, friend, period, bottom line. 

And then telling me about them via reviews!

Take action NOW, my friend. Really, no better Christmas or Thanksgiving gift to hand out than some of my books, the gift that truly KEEPS GIVING.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And please dont read this email and “do nothing”. Please buy a product – and GET BACK! I’ve gone hoarse saying it, these benefits are for YOU!

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