It takes less than 15 minutes when you begin – or are at EXPERT status, friend. Like 15-14 . . .
- It ain't HOW much you do ... its....

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It ain’t how much you do, my friend – not necessarily.

It’s about working SMARTER – not necessarily harder, although sometimes both are one and the same thing.

As the world goes to hell, and as people just act STRANGE – I mean, really, if you’re doing business with someone (I am) – and the dude promises something for months, then neither does it – nor says “yes or no” when you ask him, doesn’t block you after taking your $$ (so he’s not a scammer) – does – precisely – like Bozo Schofield “F ALL” – then just what the hezey, my friend.

I’m at a loss to understand why a business would refuse someone’s money – or why someone would promise multiple things repeatedly, then do “F all”.

As I asked a certain guy today.

“You may be in the business of frustrating clients, but that girlishness aside, how much DOUGH does it mint you?”

The way people act BOGGLES the mind – especially these days.

“No reply to anything”.


I mean, wtf my friend. 

Same thing here for this list, I send out stuff daily, people read, love it, but won’t respond to offers, even those that … ah, but let me get back to my original point.

It’s about how much you can do – in a certain TIMEFRAME.

Believe me, and perhaps Advanced Hill Training (which can be done at home, anywhere) is the best example of this – in 0 Excuses Fitness I tell you that 15 minutes is all the super fit need even for a butt spanking, sweat pouring workout to get them in even better shape.

’tis true, bro.

But did you KNOW my friend – that we go one step further here – where NO other fitness guru has gone.

what if I told you that – lets assume you’re either at ACE status (you never really are, I myself keep learning with every workout, the little things!) – or DUD status (which many are) … 15-14 – or even less – is all you need?

To burn fat like never before?

I ain’t even talking sets of sprints here – it can be applied to anything.

When you’re fat and out of shape, my friend, what you really more than anything else is to KICK – WHACK – WALLOP – your ass into HIGH GEAR. 

Like, 0-60 or the fatso Glyn equivalent, whatever it is, that heart needs to BEAT – and quick!

And your breaths should be RAGGED very shortly – and that massive stomach should be going in and out without you trying to.

If you’re in super shape, same thing.

THAT is what gets you in super shape!

For this sort of thing, you start and really need like 10-12 SECONDS tops of actual exercise.

The rest of it is LITERALLY – I repeat, literally – stopping to smell the roses if you so choose, or chat with girls, or what not, or just plain WALK around.

Or do isometrics, or what not.

Those rest periods are also when you’ll notice a real sweat form, start under your chest – or man boobs – trickle down your sides – and the sides of your spine – the waist – and so forth.

The sort of sweat that is a deep, deep sweat which makes you realize you’re getting a super workout!

When you start – you literally need to just START the furnace – get the body used to it.

Same thing for you advanced trainees.

You GO QUICKER – in LESSER TIME – same effect!

Your body, my friend, was NOT meant to run on treadmills for ages, or sit on your butt and push so called heavy weights – or do so on your back.

You were meant to train STANDING up.

And perhaps that is what is emphasized most in Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – and all my other courses, nothing is done gym style on your booty.

Thats Glyn Schofield kinda romping.

Real men don’t do those things – or workouts.

Real men CRANK up the HEAT.

FEEL THE HEAT, as they said in Cobra – regardless of how cold it is outdoors, or not!

Well, my friend, thats it for this one.

I’ve told you the timeframe needed for a great workout – and that same timeframe, or less is all you need to get Advanced Hill Training – right NOW.

Can’t think of a better way either to beat the post stuffing blues either – and it certainly beats long ass lines with so called discounts for “Black Friday” or what not .  .  .

The rest of course, is up to you!

Be a real man, and take up my challenge!

It ain’t as hard as it sounds, believe me. Those rest periods are also when you will see you start to go FURTHER!


Rahul Mookerjee

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