“Your real test will come when I go there and cook for you!”
- So said the lovely wife, hehe.

Now, she may or may not have been right – actually, she wasn’t – but the only reason it wasn’t proven is because … she never “went there” i.e. to China.

But really, that is what my wife told me – and it didnt surprise me.

From when I got in the best shape of my life (“you look like a 13 year old!”)   (I remember my buddy from the Marines, a giant of a man asking me “has your family ever seen you in such top shape” – little did he know, LOL)  to anything I’ve ever done – my immediate family has always pirouetted to “a negative twist on it”.

Could be anything, of course.

Which of course, given yours truly is probably the modern day incarnation of Napoleon Hill in many ways, doesnt surprise me.

As Bezos rightly keeps saying, or said ..

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods. 

So true.

OF course, he had a supportive family – that literally gave him $300,000 or whatever it was – even though he told them Amazon would likely fail.

THAT is faith.

His Dad had been through the grinder.

Couldn’t speak a word of English, landed up as an immigrant on U.S. shores at the age of 16 I guess. That teaches you real quick how to fend for yourself!

Yours truly could speak “some English” – although the English I spoke then – I still remember the black resident assistant in my dorm for one asking me “what language are you speaking” when I spoke it.


I love Mississippi!

I was speaking English yes, but he hadnt ever heard a foreign accent.

Took about two weeks for me to chameleon myself into what I’ve always been since “a cowboy from Texas”. Hehe.

“You’ve done in a month what we couldn’t for years”, I remember my Uncle once noting at a party. Hehe.

But anyway …

Despite all my wife’s flaws (and mine) and the rancor i have with my family, I differ in ONE regard

I give it to you straight – they dont.

I give you the FACTS – they dont.

And the fact is, my wife is one of the best cooks there is out there!

And all the cooking she did for me when I “was there” – well, I didnt gain a lick of weight – WHILE – on the Eat More Weigh LEss routines.

Remember, these are same Dish Delicious PLUS recipes (truthfully, that book doesnt scratch the surface!) that I ate when turning into a phat phock – WHILE I did pull-ups, handstands, and more …

The same ones and then some.

And yet, the results – they came, and how.

I dont know, if there is any more proof required of this, beside the figures I give you in the book, here it is –

Eat up, drink up, be merry – and then try these routines yourself, and then report back.

No, I do not advocate an unhealthy lifestyle, but sometimes, it happens.

So, to test it “real life” – do it!

And report back.

And no, before you get back to me saying the following …

Me easy, thanks to unemployment and lockdowns.

—This course does not recommend, or require you to starve, and you don’t have to be on a diet, or ANY DIET.

I dont know why people think it’s a badge of honor to say, or Tom Tom the above …

( I did, however, predict , as I said in my last post the comments of “just dont eat!”)

(My wife once mad e that exact same comment about another guy – a fitness legend. Uggggggh)

Gives off a vibe of FREEBIE SEEKER like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Ugh.

But anyway – there it is.

Get this NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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