Rolling the clock back ..
- The first thing I did in 2022!

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In 2021, I believe the first thing I did was … well, write to you. Hehe. I had had a HUGE dinner the night before – a true caveman style dinner as it were!

And so the workout came later.

In 2020, I believe I was on the hill.

And so on and so forth, 2019 was the same i.e. the hill.

Now, this year?

I rolled the clock back – truly!

I rolled the clock back not by that much, but by a few years – workout wise.

No hills, no pull-ups (well, those came later with the handstand pushups) – no jumping rope (will come later) – no isometrics (will come later) …


Truly what I call the “big dog of fitness” in 0 Excuses Fitness.

I truly did roll back the clock today – except for the bridging at the end that I show you in the great “icing on the cake” videos, EVERYTHING was the same.

Some of the reps were a bit creaky – for instance, “pike pushups” – which I did not show you in that video, I believe. Maybe later.

But I got through 250 pushups first thing in the morning, and boy am I BUZZING on all cylinders.

Not just due to the deep breathing, but the AB work involved – if there is ever a six pack inducing workout, and I’ve said it many times before, pushups are it, my friend.

The first thing everyone should after getting out of bed is pushups.

I dont care how many – just do ’em – do ’em right too.

BREATHE correctly.

The form is paramount!

Do it DAILY.

Make it a HABIT, a routine.

Pretty much the same as brushing your teeth etc, to the point you feel strange when you don’t do them, and you know whats so great about this?

First, pushups are the big dog of fitness (reasons in the book) and the best way to kick your gluteous maximus into shape – QUICK.

Second, if you aren’t doing pushups, you’re not a real man – period.

Third, the deep breathing.

Fourth, the various ways it works the body – especially the upper body, but legs too. No other exercise has so many variants, not even pull-ups.

Fifth, the flexibility it builds ALL over the body.

Sixth, the great benefits it has for your digestion. Mine often goes somewhat on the blink when I’m not on my regular pushup schedule …

(that might be just me, but I doubt it).

Seventh, the CHEST and shoulder work you get – and the entire cardio workout …

Eighth, its a workout all the old timers and strongmen did.

Ninth, if you want to be a martial artist, boxer, wrestler – anything of that nature – you won’t be one unless you crack off plenty of pushups DAILY – period.

Whew. Got through 9 without even stopping!

And ten, and by NO Means the last, but the best – they leave you with no excuse, period.

You may not have a pull-up bar, or be too phat to do ’em, you may not have monkey bars, you may not have … I dont know, insert excuse of choice.

But WHERE is your excuse for not doing pushups first thing in the morning?

Even if you’re stuck in a jail cell, you can do’em!

THAT, to me is the best part!

Something you can do, everyday – at your own pace, which will increase quickly, and get yourself in the best shape of your life.

Start 2022 off with a BANG – I did, and I’m off for more soon.

And, the two courses you simply must get –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Pushup Central. 

Check out the rave reviews, and pushups wise, I’m just getting started. Show some SUPPORT, my friend, leave more reviews, BUY more products, and I’ll dazzle you – literally – with an advanced book on pushups as well down the line.

And more!



Rahul Mookerjee

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