Why LOGICAL beats everything – for me, at least.
- Dont get me wrong, tho ...

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Now, dont get me wrong.

Emotion is damn important, and rules everything.

But in order to bring your emotional desires into REALITY, logic in spades is required, and then some.

Fitness wise too.

Let’s take an example which should be common to many people globally.

Piles of laundry lying around, tons of dishes never done …

(and it ain’t necessarily “laundry for the whole household either” – this is very common sometimes for people that are SINGLE).

Never for me, but we’ll get to that.

If people would just stop complaining about “But I dont like it”, and so forth , and think of it this way …

Spend 10 minutes a day on laundry alone (i.e. “folding” or whatever, or hanging it up to dry) – or dishes – or whatever housework piles up – then down the line, that mound never forms.

Most people dont get it.

Even people that hire external help to do it – somehow, somewhere there is a falling out.

“She doesn’t do it well enough!”

I must admit I’m not an expert in any of this.

Perhaps Bozo Schofield is, he’d probably make a great hire to do housework (not).

But “Maid Schofield” aside, the logic persists.

Same thing for fitness.

If, instead of whining about how tired you are, how stressed you are, how overworked you are, you simply found TEN minutes a day – or maybe even FIVE – to really, hit it hard – think about that.

I’m not asking the world of you.

Hit it hard for TEN minutes a day.

Hell, if you want, break that up into morning and evening sessions, but when youre hitting it hard, give it the same attention you give the dumbphone and these inane, annoying videos on it for one.

How hard is that, really?

Be honest.

It’s called DISCIPLINE, my friend.

Its called sticking to a ROUTINE!

Yet, people dont do it, and then complain.

The more I think the about it, the more I like my MGTOW lifestyle – when I can get it.

You truly get to be a BEAST THEN. Hehe.

Because to me, if I’m dealing with or surrounded by people who “dont get it” – well, to me, it’s the most annoying and frustrating thing ever.

Anyway, you doers know what I’m talking about …

10 minutes a day is all I ask – and done regularly – is all it TAKES – to get in SUPER shape, and stay there (with a few lifestyle adjustments if you so choose).

And thats the bottom line.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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