Why nothing really EVER replaces bodyweight squats.
- Even weighted sqauts!

In Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning, a great book (get it now if you have not – no, I do NOT get anything from it, in fact in 0 Excuses Fitness, I freely credit Matt as being the person who did NOT invent Hindu pushups and squats, but made them famous all over the world) (credit where credit is due, criticism when it’s warranted – I love Matt!) (no, Idont know him personally) … he said the following, a line oft missed by many.

“If you aren’t doing Hindu squats, you’re not really doing Combat Conditioning”.

It’s true.

To me, pushups are, and will always remain the big dog of fitness.

That is one reason why in 0 Excuses Fitness, the videos, you see me cranking out 250 odd pushups, and only 40 odd squats. I believe 40, or 50?

Which to me, I was pounding them out 500 a day at that point is “easy peasy”.

Easy peasy lemony squeezy,as the “chip off the old block” would say, hehe. (and does).

Now, part of the reason I did that is because as I’ve said in the book, it’s uber easy to OVERDO on squats.

With pushups, your strength, core and lower back will stop you before you do.

Sometimes, with squats, thats not the case.

And I’ve said before how overdoing Hindus, especially when you start – can leave you unable to walk for days.

In fact, when you start doing these at the right cadence regularly, you’ll be walking strange – kinda like Glyn Schofield does, if you get my drift. Hehe.

Seriously, you will – these make you sore like nothing can, not even weighted squats.

Now, John Walker, a legend and hero in his own right – I know John doesnt think he is, but to me he is – he will always remain one – and many of you will too – most notabley Charles Mitchell, ex man in BLUE – every time I think of him, I think STELLAR – doing his DUTY – outstanding, upstanding CITIZEN! … used to be able to pop off weighted squats with 400 lb on his back.

Now, thats a TON of tonnage, especially (if I got it right) he did it as Brooks Kubik advocated in Dinosaur Training. 

That book is the real deal, too.

You weight lovers and even bodyweight lovers will love it, my personal favorite was Brooks taking a couple of IRON suitcases out of the attic, and carrying them around for blocks, and it making him so sore he did very little for the next few days.

Farmers walks will do that to you!

I wrote to Brooks about how the ladies in China carried water bottles , all 20 L of them up in their tiny, wiry, strong hands to my fourth floor apartment, and how I’d do the same!

“Goood idea!”, replied Brooks. “As you get stronger, fill them with sand!”

He’s right. Hehe.

But anyway – while 20 rep squats as Brooks made famous will make a MAN out of you, period – still – and even with your heart pounding out of your chest (for those interested, I’ve done it too – but with far less tha 400 lbs, but the weight I used was a shaking, slithering weight – makes it tough!) …

… it ain’t the same.

First thing you know, the safety concerns, I’d recommend some sort of “rack” squat rack or what not if you do these without someone watching over you (spotting you).

Not quite as dangerous as benchin what you cannot and dropping the damn thing on your neck accidentally, but close enough – and INJURIES.

I’ve no idea of the stats, but I’d bet this sort of repetitive training with heavy weights on your back – which put unnatural stress on the vertebrae – have a LOT to do with shot knees, lower backs and so forth.

And spinal core injuries (hence my insistence on bridging).

As I got done with 250 squats today, something I have not done for a month – I did these in the following order – 150 Hindus, 50 bodyweight, 50 Hindus.

I took 10-15 seconds rest between each three, but that was it.

I did some secret LEG isometrics NOT included in Isometric and Flexibility Training – stuff that will make you super sore, stuff that I’ll be putting into the second book on it – stuff that will make a MAN out of you.

I did these during the 10 – 15 second breaks while I “caught my breath” doing deep breathing.

I’m soaked in sweat now, STILL Sweating.

Nothing – my friend, can replace bodyweight squats – other than climbing hills, of course, and jumping rope, but even those are DIFFERENT.

And weighted squats, yes, they get the heart and lungs pumping, but you can only sustain it for so long.

Not even talking injury, I’m talking while exercising itself, while 500 Hindus in one set, believe me, I did these all the time before, when you do these – you build gumption, mental strength, character – and FOCUS – all in spades!

You also build your legs and lungs like NOTHING BEFORE!

Trust me, it’s like LSD without the negative effects of “long slow distance cardio”.

Trust me, when you do these, you’ll be dripping sweat, in the zone!

John, you did 501 squats yesterday, you’re on the right track – that ain’t easy, regardless of how fit you are, that never becomes easy in that it’s a boring workout!

There’s always something to challenge you.

Well, my friend, its a dark, dang day outdoors today, so no videos on it – as yet.

Be tuned to my Youtube channel though, and these emails …

I’m off to crank out 300 more squats.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Why do I interrupt my workout writing to you (another Charles, not Charles Mitchell, another guy – Shoulders like Boulders! customer – great choice Charles A!) asked me.

“No why”

“Because I can”.

“Because I love doing it”.

Maybe all of the above plus MOTIVATION FOR YOU.

Take your pick!