Why Hindu pushups never replace regular pushups, and vice versa.
- Something important that needs to be said!

This afternoon, at the park, I was shooting the bull with a fellow trainee – a guy that is fairly lean, and who (because the gym is closed) – has taken to running in the park daily (or damn near daily, I believe).

We were talking training, and part of his training today was “500 pushups” – which he hadnt done as yet, given half the day is over, or was over at the time, he’s got some catching up to do. Hehe.

But the important part of this conversation was this – I asked him if he did HIndus, what style of pushups he did, if he did them slow and in proper form, etc etc.

He replied yes to the last question, but Hindus?

“Indian pushups are too tough!” he told me.

“I do regular pushups”, he said – holding his arms a little wider than shoulder width, the style in which most people do them.

I laughed.

They’re not that tough, buddy – and I told him for most people, once they get past the flexbility issues -lower back, tricep, and hamstrings for most – they’re ready to get into a good rhythm for these – provided you have the breathing down pat.

Breathing is KEY, I cannot repeat this enough times.

And then, I advised him do to them “Boxer” style like I talk about in Pushup Central. 

Those are anything but easy, I laughed.

From his expression, I could see he doesnt train those at all – or if he does, not at all.

But I could see him thinking, then he agreed.

Anyway – this isn’t a criticism of how he trains, or anyone trains.

It is to clear up a misconception that many people have, that “if you do HIndu pushups” you don’t need other styles of pushups.

For a long time, I labored under this misconception too.

I got up to a 100 HIndus straight, neglected other pushups (except reverse pushups and table pushups).

The first time I tried regular pushups after a while – I was shocked – 20 felt like a chore!

How can this be I thought, but then I got it.

Nothing beats training the movement, you must do it, and regular, or even better, boxer pushups train the triceps a lot more than Hindus do in many regards. It’s a different movement – and end of the day, you look at what champ boxers and wrestlers do everywhere, sure, Hindus are part of the routine, but nothing replaces the “elbows in pushup”, nothing at all.

Especially for continued ab/core work. Hindus do too, but differently!

It was like that time I trained pull-ups exclusively, then when I got back to pushups – again, the regular kind – 15 felt “so tough” to do. And I was sore too, the day after, this after I became a hill climbing stud who did 100 plus pull-ups before I cranked out my hill climbs!

Its a misconception many people have – and the reverse is true too.

Don’t assume just because you might be good at regular pushups that you’ll be good at HIndus too, or that “you’ll catch up very quickly”.

You won’t, they both train the entire body, but stress different muscle groups, tendons etc – the “system is worked differently in both exercises”.

There is a reason I put out 55 different movements in Pushup Central, if they weren’t all required, hey, I wouldn’t be wasting “paper” putting them out!

And thats that from me.

If you have not yet invested in Pushup Central, do so NOW.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee