Why Gorillas and apes are just so … strong!
- That one simple movement...

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This afternoon, I filmed myself doing a basic Gorilla grip movement – yet, despite it being basic, most adults – even FIT AND Strong adults, even those that can bench and deadlift Manhattan – even those with Corrugated cores in many cases; are UNABLE TO DO.

This builds grip strength like nothing you’ve ever imagined, my friend – if you wonder where most of the unnatural pull in my grip comes from, it is THIS exercise I credit mostly for it – along with fingertip pushups.

It’s the same exercise that apes, gorillas and perhaps monkeys too – do from BIRTH without even thinking about it.

Mostly apes and gorillas do it – and it’s basically something that will turn your upper body into the equivalent of Tarzan – with or without Jane.

I should have named this post Tarzan like workout – or perhaps, Da Xing Xing workouts, as they say in China when they see me doing it!

But anyway – it is – basically monkey bar work.

I spoke about how a guy yesterday tried it, literally fell off the bar grabbing his shoulder in agony on the FIRST rep.

Monkey work is deadly tough – and serious, my friend, and will make men out of boys grip and trap wise, but it will also give you inhuman strength throughout the shoulder and sides.

And entire upper body …

You may never and likely never will be as strong as a gorilla or ape.

But you CAN develop ferocious, CRUSHING power in the wrists, forearms and fingers like I speak abut in Gorilla Grip … and Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) – and Gorilla Grip (TIPS!)

(and more to come).

Now, where am I heading up to with all this.

Well, nowhere except the latest video on our Youtube channel deals with this.

Go and see me doing monkey bar work like it should be done – this is expanding upon the “short” I took a few years back.

And on another note …

We are on TWITCH too now!

It’s an Amazon company, I dont know what took me so long to sign up given my general trust and love of everything Amazon (they’re just so professional) – but remember, folks – follow us there too – like, subscribe,the whole shebang!

Twitch allows live streaming, which is a huge plus as I can live stream what I am doing for yall.

Which in some cases is just me walking around the “hood” as you can tell. Hehe.

But follow us, you’ll catch some interesting glimpses of daily life – and perhaps some fitness related stuff too on our channel there!

Once we get to a certain number of likes etc on there, I’ll be able to upload videos etc there too instead of just live stream, so do follow, subscribe etc!

And thats that for now. Enjoy!


Rahul Mookerjee

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