More on form mangling on pushups.
- A pet peeve this.

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Marc, the African silverback Gorilla once told me the following about people that don’t get back to you on messages – won’t return emails unless and until it benefits THEM – or don’t answer the phone and won’t call back.

“A pet peeve, Rahul!” , I remember him saying.

I agree. Same with me. I don’t so much care about the phone, I hate using it for the most part anyway due to reasons I’ve specified before, but emails etc? When people dont get back to me, and I dont even mean “right now”, I just feel it’s disrespectful if done all the time, period.

I dont say it that often.

Thats fine, if someone doesn’t think it’s worth their time to reply, but when you send out emails to people, when you do the right thing, try and stay in touch, get hit with the “busy” or other excuses all the time, you just feel disrespected. Maybe thats just me, I dont know, but I suspect a lot of you feel the same too.

But that ain’t the gripe in this one.

It’s pushups and the form mangling I see going on on this great exercise. I’ve written to you before about it too, eh.

And today, THREE Things which I was going to put out a video on, maybe I will later, but for now, lets put pen to paper on it –

One, arm positioning.

TOO many people position their arms so that 70% of their weight is on their arms (or, 70% of the 70% which is applicable for pushup, since your legs support you too) .. and not 100%.

Big mistake.

Your arms are supposed to be for “support” – like iron girders, while your triceps do all the work pushing you up and down (in regular pushups). Shoulders don’t do it so much as TRICEPS and core.

Do the “boxer” pushup right, you’ll see.

(Speaking of which, I saw a guy with no legs built like a brick outhouse the other day. Quite the sensation he is on Instagram etc NOW – with a childhood bouncing around foster homes, less than ideal, he had to get physically fit or else, and with his natural impediments, I gotta say – where is YOUR excuse? Trust me, like the villian in James Hadley Chase’s “The Vulture is a patient bird”, this guy is built like a tank, if you didnt see he had no legs, you wouldn’t know it!)

Anyway …

That above tip is hard to explain in an email, but if you’ve seen the 0 Excuses Fitness workout video you know what I mean.

Second, the core and body needs to remain aligned in a “straight” line – way too many people “droop” and slacken the core as they progress in reps.

Third, LEGS!

The legs need to be tense and straight throughout the movement!

You need to really FLEX the thighs!

Way too many people, you’ll see them doing them in poor form, core dropping, legs “slack” …


This is why I keep saying FORM is paramount.

Do the exercise right, or not at all.

I can make 10 pushups harder than a 100, and HAVE.

And DO!

Anyway, get Pushup Central for more on that. Truly the best book every on pushups.

And, be sure and grab “Advanced, Profound, Isometric and Flexibility training” NOW.

Gotta go for now, the “madhouse” is gearing up. Hehe. Funnily enough, or maybe not, Saturdays and Sundays are when the inmates jump up and down the most, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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