Why you should DROP down – but under control – in the Hindu squat.
- Those little details, again!

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This is why you need the videos, my friend.

0 Excuses Fitness videos – where I SHOW you how to DO the exercises and workouts, my friend.

I could write all day long, and do.

But there are certain nuances that I could explain well enough via writing, yes, but WATCHING me do it – takes it to a different level altogether.

I haven’t put out much on squatting for years now – in fact, even the first set of video I made for 0 Excuses Fitness, very well received, “the steak – why go out for a burger when you’ve got steak at home” as a certain DOER John Walker from the United Kingdom rightly put it…but if I could go back and redo something?

Well, I wouldn’t redo it, but I’d put out a workout video dedicated to squats alone, perhaps squats and pull-ups (the original pushup workout video was supposed to be just floor pushups, but it became squats, bridging and a handstand or two at the end too!). . .

Thats how it goes, of course.

Things happen – so do workouts morph.

Anyway, one of the things I keep telling people about hindu squats – and bodyweight squats too – is this.

You go FAST.

And you keep going – while maintaining form.

This might take you MONTHS to master i.e. you might do 10 in perfect form, then your form dips when you get past 10, and beyond 17 or so, you take a break.

This is because of two things – one, either weak “back of the body” (very common, it’s NOT just about the thighs, this movement!!) – or two, because the tendons and ligaments aren’t tensile and strong enough to withstand the quick reps.

Something else that scares a lot of people about the Hindu squat is this – and a lot of people want the regular bodyweight squat because they feel it’s different – is the way you literally “drop down” – like a hot potato – while doing the squat.

Bodyweight squats are meant to be done the same way, my friend, but because of the “on the toes” motion, and the tight lower backs most people have, the “dropping down” happens slower during the bodyweight squat, and doesn’t scare most people off that way.

Now, how do you drop down?

Well, simple.

When you let a ball fall from your hand, it falls – down – via gravity – in a straight line.

That, friend, is basically how you drop down. Unlike the ball though, you dont just BOUNCE back up.

You SPRING back up – via the elasticity of your hamstrings, butt and TENDONS.

This might sound strange to a lot of you that keep thinking thighs – indeed, lots of idiots keep referring to my squats and complain “but you’re supposed to work thighs more!” – for the squat, but guess what – like I’ve told you many times before, the BACK of the body is far more important than the front, even in the squat.

If you’re doing weighted squats in the gym, something I really dont recommend because it emphasizes muscle growth over tendon growth, it’s “isolating the thighs” way more than any movement should (dont get me wrong, squats are still great compound movements, but think about it – in real life – while wrestling – while throwing – how often do you go down under strict control “only midway” like that??) – and because they dont emphasize the butt a lot (most people dont go all the way down, or even close to it) – then maybe the thighs are what really burn.

But when you’re doing bodyweight squats, or HIndus – the thighs DO burn – but it’s not just the thighs.

Done correctly, you should feel your butt and hamstrings working a LOT more than what most people.

Sound strange?

Well, drop down in perfect form in the squat, and then “spring” back up while picturing a coiled motion … or a coiled spring … and initiate the motion from the toes, while keeping the toes flexed and “grabbing the ground” and repeat for reps.

You’ll soon see what I mean.

These  squats are done under CONTROL, or you’ll bounce up and down as opposed to squat.

But they aren’t super strict controlled either – i.e. you DROP down, without inhibition (no Glyn Schofields reading this I hope, hehe) – and then your butt and hamstrings work WITH your thighs to “spring you back up”.

The Gama was supposedly a mediocre wrestler according to some.

Mediocre, someone who never lost in 50 years? I dont think so, hehe.  But then people point out more technically accomplished wrestlers…

Truth be told, I dont know.

Maybe there were others more technically accomplished than him, but results are what count, eh.

And if he remained undefeated, but they didnt … then?

Then we come to a point even his most ardent detractors emphasize.

That being this.

The Gama was bar none, the BEST conditioned wrestler around – perhaps even today if he was here on the physical plane with us.

That, along with the fact he did hundreds, if not more, of Hindu squats daily to build those massive tree trunk legs of his – is a fact NOBODY disputes.

I repeat, nobody.

And his results back it up – conditioning is what ultimately, all else being equal – wins the day – even if you’re not technically that strong on the mat, if you can out condition the other wrassler, well, then ultimately that is what matters – and counts.

You, my friends, will know the meaning of tree trunk thighs – and the FEELING – once you get good at Hindu squats – which may take a long, long time if you practice daily.

And the results will be nigh well worth it.

Make a start today, my friend.

And I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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