Today’s tip of the day for increasing rep count
- Many of you likely - have done this before. or maybe not ...

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There are many tips I have, of course, in terms of blasting past fatigue – increasing rep counts – recovering from a hard set – and so forth.

One, and most useful tip is what I mention about breathing – but only in the 0 Excuses Fitness Videos.

That means, yes, you have to get the book and videos to learn about this special tip that will take you from panting up a storm “out of control” as Carol once said, hehe – to “easy peasy recovery” regardless of how hard the set or workout is that you’re doing.

And it involves doing the polar opposite of what the so called experts say, i.e. it involves HOLDING the breath.

I’m hardly the first one to advocate this though, Martin Farmer Burns in the Lessons of Wrestling and Physical Culture advocated holding the breath as well during his special “stomach flattening” isometric.

That one might make it into a future book of isometrics as well.

Rule of thumb – if “everyone” says do it this way – don’t. Hehe. Simple as that!

Other than this, well, another special trick I’ve spoken about in the past

The trick of 2’s.

When doing 500 jump rope straight, for instance, I count each rep twice – so when I get to 250, I’m done.

This helps me immensely in terms of “less to do” – just the “weight of the numbers” reduced by half if you get my drift.

There are many other tricks I have – and you likely have too.

Share some!

But the one I’d like to talk about today?

When you feel fatigued, when you feel you simply cannot go past a certain sticking point, when you feel “100 is all I can do in a row!” (though you want to do more) and so forth – then do the following.

One, put a picture into your mind.

A picture of something that truly matters to you, that you think about consciously or not, day or night.

Good or bad, socially acceptable or not, whatever it is, we all have our “deep dark desires”, secrets, goals or so forth.

It’s something you go to bed with every night, wake up every morning, sometimes dream about at night too.

What you call  a real goal – or passion – or both.

Something that has never until now failed to energize you beyond belief, light a fire under your ass to GO, go, and keep GOING!

Put that picture in your mind instead of the rep count, and watch yourself crank out another 25 or so effortlessly!

Along with that, it might be useful to remember what David Goggins said about human beings in general.

When we think we’re at our sticking point, most of us have only gotten to like 30% of our REAL capacity.

So true, my friend, so true.

That, then is the tip.

Put something – an IMAGE – which should naturally evoke deep strong feeling and desire and PASSION of what you WANT – in your mind – AS you train, while you train, as you keep going past reps.

Chances are you’ll achieve (get) it on auto pilot as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

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