The #1 T boosting workout …
- Or, exercise I should say.

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Testosterone, and lots of it is something all of us men (real men, not necessarily someone like Bozo Schofield pumping himself full of estrogen (after his emergency room jaunt in 2020 when he “admitted” Lysol or what not as a COVID vaccine into his rear end)) want.

And if you’re here, reading this, so do YOU.

My workouts – all of them boost T bar none, but if there is ONE exercise I have to pin point that boosts testosterone bar none?

It’s the one exercise I’ve been writing about since months now.

Most of my emails contain an opaque, or very transparent, or in the middle reference to it.


Nothing beats squats – high rep BODYWEIGHT squats.

And there are so many different ways to do them, I’ll be coming out with Squat Central once I get some time.

That was something I did not cover DEEPLY enough in 0 Excuses Fitness i.e. the squat. Some have accused the book of being ‘too pushup heavy’, of course, these morons never read the part about bridging, or never actually even did the basic Hindu squat I outlined in the book, did they?



Easy to talk, DOING is a different matter.

But really, squats – all the main reasons you’d think for boosting muscle growth, fat loss – and Testosterone – i.e they work the major muscle groups – work the legs, you work the entire body – the ENTIRE body works in tandem – but the most important?


THIS is really what revitalized, reinvigorates, and INCREASES the blood supply damn everywhere in your body – including to (for men) both the brains if you get my drift.

This deep breathing, huffing and puffing is really what causes the T boost.

As you do these workouts, as you progress towards 100 Hindu squats in a row, once you can do them, you’ll notice something odd – not only are you physically and mentally in better shape than ever before, but your goals – life and otherwise – gravitate to YOU – not the other way around!!

That above bit might sound strange, but anyone thats done it – along with proper ISOMETRICS to stretch and strengthen – again – the back of the body – knows what I BE talking about (especially the hamstring stretches, I’ve said it so many times, the hamstrings are a vital and often ignored part of the body. Open that area up, open your LIFE UP!).

There’s another secret to it too – that being ABSTINENCE – not necessarily from food and drink either, although occasional fasting works wonders – Ive written about my own experience wiht it, and science has proven T levels to rise by more than 300 % or so in some cases – after only 36 or so hours of fasting, if I got it right, perhaps less in some cases.

Give the body LESS to do in terms of burning junk you dont need in your body, and watch the magic happen.

As for the other form of abstinence, thats heavily debated.

But I’ll just say this, the old timers in my view had it spot on, abstaining for months before fights, the Indian wrestlers that stayed celibate, and were indeed, believe it or not, mortified of “night dreams” (with all that exercise, you can bet they had high testosterone levels!) …

Again, you might argue otherwise, which is fine.

I dont really mind, but I’m just telling you the mental clarity and FOCUS you get from doing all of the above – which translates into superior physical gain too – is something that cannot be gotten from anything else.

And where was I?

Ah yes, squats.

I did 150 yesterday, today it’ll be back to 500.

I think so, at least.

And the other thing physically, swinging Indian clubs.

That might sound strange, but with the thick handles and the “circular” massage it gives your entire digestive system from the inside out (folks have reported their digestion improving within a workout or two, and I cannot disagree!) – well, it improves your health like few other things will.

Thats another one still in the works, ain’t it. Hehe.

So much to do so little time!

Off for now.


Rahul Mookerjee

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