A great affiliate application!
- That passed through the cracks apparently.

Man, with all else going on, THIS one completely slipped through the cracks, didnt it!

My apologies Ben … ah, but let me “back up”.

I was recently checking the other business, which I am going to incorporate very shortly too as I have done this one – and with all else going on y’all are aware of – it’s been an extremely hectic time.

And I was checking affiliate payouts etc (and doing up payouts for those who are due some on the 15th of this month) – on the other business, and suddenly, I got the idea to check the affiliates section here.

Thats odd, I remember thinking, as of late, other than the usual junk which I deny – no “real” applications.

Which given the popularity of our products was somewhat baffling, but I have not had much time to think about it.

And then I looked, seemed I missed something …

Ben Bergman from Idaho

I’m a fitness fanatic with a background in conditioning programs and affiliate marketing. I’ve been in fitness for over 20+ years and I love to write about the things I’ve learned and I share my knowledge on various social media platforms.

Because realistic fitness needs to be shared and be a part of our culture as a when. To be in the best condition possible takes discipline but also should be made interesting and enjoyable for all. Fitness is an adventure, not a chore, that’s how I see it as a way to sell a product.

He had applied last year, and he’s got a great website (I’m not including it here since he hasn’t accepted all the terms and conditions as yet, etc – legalese, you know – Brooks Kubik would know, hehe).

But I’m telling YOU on this list this though – because THAT is a genuine application.

It struck me the minute I read it.

I’ve no idea if he’s still interested, it was a few months before that he applied, and it slipped through the cracks unfortunately (hint – if you contact me via the site and if I dont get back, then PLEASE do either email me again, or contact me via Twitter or something -if its genuine, and I’ve not gotten back to you, there is always a reason, and usually one I cannot control – such as emails not being recieved, perhaps).

But he’s spot on, things need to be made interesting, or it’s just a dreary chore (hence my “quick and rapid” workouts which dont take all day, and which force you to CONCENTRATE with full focus for the time you ARE working out).

If you do it, you dont have to do it all day necessarily, but you DO have to do it – RIGHT!

Ben gets that, and one look at those “shoulders like boulders” he’s got, hehe – says it all.

I’m sure I’ll be hearing back from him shortly!

And for the rest of ya’ll, well, the affiliate program is one I have not promoted a lot, or at all.

One of those things no reason why – and it’s sitting there right at the bottom of the site for those that truly want to find the link.

But it’s very much there, much like the “contribute” link I recently put up …

And it’s a great way to earn some money “on the side”, or perhaps more – depending upon if you have a follower base that is interested in REAL training!

So apply – and if you haven’t heard back – well, let me know – I’ll expedite asap!

Last, but not least, we’re going to restart the video thing again – except this time, it’s different from YouTube.

This time, I also want YOU guys to send me videos of YOUR workouts – what YOU do – or anything you want to talk about in general, really.

I’m not a huge fan of video, I Dont like them at all, but I know a lot of y’all do, I know the majority of the world can’t live without ’em. Hehe.

So, I’m making it easy for you guys to contact me with workout related videos etc that we can ALL discuss – and share – and remember, if you send me your pictures, workout videos doing 0 Excuses Fitness – then there is a $50 off coupon just waiting for you.

I will share custom video links etc in these emails soon – be on the outlook for those!

You’ll also be featured on the 0 Excuses Roll of Honor, which I have to create the page, but will soon!

Not to mention creating the site, email, setting up the web servers etc for Rolls Royce Publications Incorporated


Life’s good!

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Learn how to get Shoulders like the proverbial Boulders – HERE.

PS #2 – Remember the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship – a “one stop access” to ALL our products digitally forever, yet another one of those things I have NOT promoted a lot, but it’s there, and definitely worth it (and all your files youve downloaded are accessible anytime via the site too, which is a huge bonus).

And, we’re working on a custom plan where PAPERBACKS will be free too for those on the Ship membership. More on that soon!