The ONE exercise phat phockers hate the MOST – and simply cannot do right, PERIOD.

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“If you’ve got a gut hanging over your midsection, you simply wont look like an athlete no matter what. Sorry if that offends anyone, but its true”.

So said Brooks in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training – hell, at least he put in the disclaimer being the lawyer he is (or was – but once a lawyer, always a lawyer, hehe).

I wouldn’t bother to say sorry.

I’d say “too bad if it offends someone”. Hehe.

Now, truth be told, phat phockers come in various sizes, shapes, forms and guises – and while the majority of them are flat out lazy, some aren’t.

Some are actually doers, like Donald Trump, who famously once proclaimed “exercise depletes the engine, so I dont do it” (I wonder if that was more Trumpish marketing, hehe).

But he’s a doer, I’ll give him that! Always have…

But there is ONE common thread, one common excuse – other than LAZINESS – which unites most phat phockers – – that being their dislike and hatred of a certain exercise yours truly did for reps even when he was a phat phock, proof on the cover of THIS book.

That being their dislike of a certain exercise.

That being their almost fanatical HATRED of a certain exercise.

And the excuses just SPEW forth.

Yes, you got it.

The PULL-UP – or the hatred of the pull-up is what most so called big guys hate – and real big guys LOVE!

There is no exercise that makes a MAN out of you upper body wise than the mighty pull-up, my friend – period.

And if you’re a big guy, but not fat – YOU CAN DO THEM!


Other hand, THIS is the one exercise that most ruthlessly exposes a weak midsection – fat, toned or trim.

THIS is the one exercise that exposes FLAB – and excess flab around the midsection.

If you cannot do 5 pull-ups (most people reading this probably couldn’t do ONE in proper form) in proper form, then you need to buckle up and get DOING ,my friend.

And you most likely need to lose a ton of, or at least some weight- around the midsection.

If you’re skinny and can’t do ’em, then you need a STRONG core.

Anyway, thats the common thread my friend.

Phat phocks of the world, unite against “this here cowboy”, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If this offends, tough shit – but all of it is TRUE.

Like a customer John Walker once said “glad to see you take it like a man”. Hehe.

(he had similar feedback, although not quite as extreme for ME at the time, he was RIGHT too).

Many reading this will whine, moan and unsubscribe.

But if you really want to learn how to do pull-ups right, the one exercise most people cannot do no matter what – then this book is for YOU – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Get it NOW.

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