So now I’m a coward for writing to you guys… Hehe.
- Really, dude.

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With all the back and forth and hoo haa going about fitness, the spat I had with the dude who was promoting for me, then claimed my products were “too expensive” or what not – and then his own (wimpy) definition of fitness – and what is considered phat or what not, and some inane name calling he started “Twiggy” (hehe, but I dont mind that, Benny – keep it coming!  – nothing wrong with a bit of good ole fashioned “getting in your face” so long as we keep it “on the field” if you get my drift ole boy) …

… this dude actually has it right on many angles, which is why I instantly gave him a chance to promote my stuff though he hadn’t proved he could sell anything, or given me any sort of sales figures or anything on anything he’s sold before, and so forth.

But something about the guy – I dont know, I used to be just like him maybe 10 years ago, so something about the guy right down to his weight issues and stuff, maybe an angel sat on my shoulder and said “hey Rahul – give him a chance. You never had one when you started out!” (and I didnt! When I started, I too tried the affiliate route, I too tried a bunch of things, but it never went anywhere – which is good actually, since I ended up doing what I am now) …

Anyway – this email is not going to be about all that stuff I’ve discussed before.

It’s going to be about … well, let’s see what dude wrote.

With all the shit going on in the world and guys my age are dying out of nowhere like a lot of athletes and bodybuilders, we still need to keep pushing forward and do our best to look out for one another. I know I’ve had my fair share of crap with people lately especially one guy that we’ll just call Rahul. I confronted him in a lie he said about me and to be honest, it was a dumb move on my part I admit that even though he ended up writing several posts that were so one sided in his favor (which in my opinion is the coward’s way instead of coming to me directly) that we both wasted precious time bickering. Overall, it is so freakishly stupid and childish to go after someone whom you’ll never see in your lifetime, we both need to just move on and I’ll do my thing, he’ll do his despite our disagreements. He’s got a good business going which he can make improvements on little by little

Turning 38 is really just a number but in other cases, it makes me appreciate that I’m still here and I still have people in my life that got my back. My birthday wish from all of you, is to take a moment out of your day and just say I love you to somebody. No need to give people a hard time or try to make others feel miserable especially if they’re going through things you have no clue about. Three words that can be so powerful, it brightens up a person’s day. Just be careful who you say it to but other than that, show some love, some compassion and bask in the glory that you have opportunities to be better little by little even down to the smallest fraction. I’ll start, I love you all. Even the haters because despite your obsessions and terrible descriptions, you’re a person too and I hope you have an amazingly awesome day.

Well, first off, happy birthday, Ben!

Though the last part of your post sounds kinda …  I dont know, a little weepy in nature, you’re right – being compassionate and grateful is always the right thing to do.

True, we have no idea what the other person is going through.

True, you have to walk a mile in the other man’s shoes to really understand.

But by that same token, I dont think you’ve walked in my shoes Ben have you?

Neither would I want you to – and neither would I want to piss and moan and whine about “all the hardships I had to overcome growing up” and so forth (like you have about the medical problems and so forth).

Before the age of 2, my parents came close to losing me because of the meningitis. I’ve had to fight ever since then from speaking to motor skills and brain function, therapy and a whole mess of things.

I understand – it sucks.

But every time I hear comments like “you have noooooooo idea what the other person is going through” it sounds to me like WOMANLY whining, not real man stuff.

I mean really, all this “feel good” stuff, this is BUSINESS my friend – not pity Party Central – or any other sort of “feel good get together”, no wonder you can’t sell if you’ve got that sort of an approach to it.

It isn’t about basking in glory, showing love, being compassionate, or Mother Teresa even (great lady that she was) . . . its about BUSINESS. Cold, hard, unforgiving BUSINESS – the REAL WORLD!

On that note, since you keep whining about it: –

Life sucks, bro.

Shit happens.

Take it on the chin, and move on, its that simple. There’s no need to whine up lengthy rants about “how tough you had it” or “how hard you’re having it now” or so forth. I’m sure we could all do it, but what purpose doe that serve? None, as far as I can tell other than “pity party central”.

For some people more than others, I’d rather take the hard ass approach to it as I always have, if you choose to take another approach, thats up to you and I certainly wouldn’t call you out for it (because there would be no reason to).

(not like I haven’t been fair about the medical issues etc you’ve dealt with on your fitness journey either have I not?)

And really, that last paragraph just comes off as being “butt hurt” my friend.

Anyway, enough on that – lets focus on what I really wanted to say.

Yeah, 800 plus words in and Rahul still hasn’t got to what he “really wants to say”. Eloquence indeed. Hehe.

I confronted him in a lie he said about me and to be honest, it was a dumb move on my part I admit that even though he ended up writing several posts that were so one sided in his favor (which in my opinion is the coward’s way instead of coming to me directly) that we both wasted precious time bickering. Overall, it is so freakishly stupid and childish to go after someone whom you’ll never see in your lifetime, we both need to just move on and I’ll do my thing, he’ll do his despite our disagreements. He’s got a good business going which he can make improvements on little by little

First off, all the back and forth bickering – yes, it wasn’t required Ben. And it wouldn’t have started if you hadn’t sent me that long whiny email which all came down to something I hate the MOST – and something you KNEW when you got on the boat i.e. whining about PRICE.


Now, maybe you expected a handholding sort of “I love you” response to that, but I did my best to give you my gruff, cantankerous version of it – did I not?

A grizzly will be a grizzly, and a mother hen will be a mother hen.

I’m much hated for never being the latter. Hehe. So be it.

(not to mention this word “confront” he uses – Nazi feminists In general LOVE this word, so do liberals, Bozos, and all of their ilk.

My Mom loves to “confront” me too – except every time FACTS are pointed out, she retreats back in her shell of “I’m a woman, so I can say what I like”.


But you dont get away with that Ben. Hehe

Again, real MEN confront with FACTS – cold, hard, BRUTAL facts, not weepy “crybaby” emotional tirades).

But thats why it all started.

Like you said, my brother, if you had left it alone after the inital “spat” – and not Twittered me or what not (I mean lets be honest, I haven’t gone after you publicly in that regard have I?) – then this would be over by now.

But no, you had to say what you did, which is fine – like you said, a mistake on your part, but I dont mind. Hehe. If you want to have a go, by all means do so!

Point is this though – he’s calling me a coward for not responding to me directly.

First off, that statement in itself shows a complete lack of understanding of the one thing he REALLY needs to learn from me – or some of the “gurus” on it – MARKETING – and brand building.

I’m not even going to get into the why’s and wherefore’s of that here, but a little story …

When Butt Buttling Scuttling Bozo “I done blew the hockey field and still rant on Twitter about wanting MOREEEEEEEE!” Schofield (with no provocation other than a silly personal misunderstanding that even six year old girls wouldn’t have) started trolling me with racist memes all over WeChat and everywhere he could, dragging everyone into it as well, no-one said a word to him.

Yours truly (he blocked me so I couldn’t reply to him) remained silent as well.

For years I did nothing, he got put in jail in the meantime in the Phillippines or what not, and people are after him for their money till this date.

(which has been well documented on this site).

Then he showed up again in 2020 with his inane rants, I called him a scorpion and was done with it, but then … well, you know what happened after that.

And at that point, I really started to give it to him.

I still am.

And I haven’t even started in the long run. Hehe.

“We haven’t even started anything in earnest as yet”, as the man said. (I’m not going to say who, hehe).

It’s interesting how Bozo blocked me initially, then when the shoe was on the other foot, he turned around and did EVERYTHING he could to get back in touch with me, emails, Twitter, social media, even through friends etc – all avenues I routinely blocked one after the other.

Ben, my friend, the real coward would completely BLOCK you – and not read or listen to what you’re doing.

Simply choosing a different medium to reply through doesn’t make one a coward it makes you SMART.  (and simply because I have an audience that I built myself for years, you dont – well, that doesn’t make me a coward, hehe. It simply makes me SMART).

It results in less wastage of that precious commodity we all have TIME – and ENERGY (another huge reason I dont get on the phone for the most part).

It also results in killing two birds with one stone, but I am not going to get into that part here.

It is also something I learned from THAT client … back in the day, at the age of 28, that wise ole canny man I talk about so much in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

Last, but not least, my friend – look, if I wanted to respond to you directly on Twitter, I could do so.

You likely wouldn’t like the outcome (business wise) of those posts though.

So therefore, my friend – I did not – if I had a personal war to wage against you, I probably would have but I dont.

I just dont agree with you on your ideas about real fitness, and most that know what REAL fitness is about wouldn’t either.

(what you’re essentially saying is “phat boy fitness” or “feel good fitness” – and truth be told, if that is what you want, thats fine – in fact the majority of lazy asses globally want just that, not “ass kicking butt whooping REAL MAN fitness”)

But thats all, like you said, we move on …

And, true – this here business will improve either little by little – or leaps and bounds – it does so daily. Sometimes it might not seem like it, but there are always things going on under the hood… Thank you for those words – we both know the business was why you first contacted me. Hehe.

Anyway – my point is just this – I wouldn’t personally call someone a coward for “not responding directly”. There’s often way more going on than you understand Ben. Hehe.

And that, my friends, is that …

(and not to mention, there was no LIE in terms of what I wrote. If there is one thing even my most ardent detractors won’t accuse me of, it’s lying.

I’m nothing if not BRUTALLY honest – and everything I state here – and what I have said before – is FACT. Not emotional tirades like you keep posting, but cold, hard FACTS.

Yours truly doesn’t lie – I have no reason to do so, and I dont like doing it anyway)

(perhaps those brutal beatings my father handed out and the constant “cutting edge negativity” from my Nazi feminist mother had SOME impact other than making me hate them as a kid. Hehe. Nah. Not really. I’ve always been that sort of brutally frank person to the point where when I was an adult, people “wrung their hands” trying to get me to be “at least somewhat diplomatic” – but it wouldn’t happen. You either get this or that with me, no “in the middle mamsy pamsy BS”).

Have a great birthday again Ben – and I’ll see the rest of y’all soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- Shit, I never pimped a product in this here email – let me do it now – the no nonsense, practical as heck book where it ALL Started – Fast and Furious Fitness- the Collector’s Edition

(Ben, if you’re looking at that page, you’ll see that despite back muscle “definition” and so forth, “phat” is “phat” – I used to be just like you back in the day. In 10 or so years, perhaps you’ll be saying the same thing I am now. Hehe. It’s a merry go round, we all get on it at some point if we STAY the course).

… and, where it all “ended” – or “started again” – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Have at!

PS #2 – For all those that complain about me not responding on Twitter or what not – here’s yet another reason I dont – I HATE social media in General. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – Twitter is really the only one other than occasional Instagramming that I use. I’m off Freakbook since 2020 ever since Biden stole the election (though the real reason was the comment a Chinese person made about the ROW and Freak book censoring my response, but not his, despite me appealing it to ole Suck a Berg, it went nowhere – ah, but his wife is Chinese!!) – and I got banned on LinkedIn for much the same reason, and I have no intentions of returning even if they asked me to.

And another reason – 180 character limit on Twitter.

I’d rather be my good ole verbose self here…

Ok, enough of this already. Hehe. (and Ben, if you really want the books that bad, then do what other doers have done, ASK for a discount, and you’ll GET one – I mean really dude – ask any of the doers on this list, MOST have asked for a discount in the past.

As a certain Alan once told me …

“Dont feel bad! You see all those people around?” (he was gesticulating to a lot of others as he took me aside and said it – at that point I Was working a job for him, and wanted an advance on my paycheck which I didnt really want to ask him, but I had to!) …

They’ve all done it, he went sagely. Hehe.

I suspected they had, which is why I had asked. Hehe.

But anyway – if you’re a doer which you are in many regards, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I’ll do what I can to accommodate you my friend, just dont WHINE and moan, that is what I cannot stand, PERIOD!)

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