Recession proof fitness, and more …
- Indeed!

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So, I’ve been reading reports (finally) that the US is “officially” in a recession.


Things were getting “tough” WAY before this, and when they say something is happening on the sh-news, you can bet (or the smart ones can bet) that despite all the hype, hoopla and hoo haa, it already done happened. The news just tells you later.

Like Marjorie Taylor Greene put it, hehe.

(I kinda like her style)

“Common sense for us (republicans) – the news six months early”.

I dont think she mentioned common sense specifically. But that was the gist. It’s true too.

Anyway ………

Interesting too how gun sales have been going through the roof since 2020, and despite the so called slowdown (now that government bailouts etc have finally ended, the Piper FINALLY has to be paid and such, hence all the bitching coming in from several quarters) … GUNS seem to be still being sold like hot cakes (more than the cakes themselves, hehe – with bakeries, restaurants, reducing portions and such).

Reducing portions, that seems to be a touchy issue for many hehe.

I’ll bet a lot of these guys dont know the sheer power of FASTING.

Anyway – point is this – and this point was made by Charles Mitchell, a customer here a couple of years back I think.

“The type of training you promote is more important than ever before now! No need for any equipment or gym, your body is literally the gym – train anywhere!”

(those were not his exact words, but the gist).

And so it is, my friend.

No need, NOW more so than ever than before – for those RIDICULOUSLY expensive gym membership fees lying unused most of the time – and delivering result far short of what you desire. (and expect).

No need for cables, dumbbells, grippers, machines, and other stuff you dont really need – your OWN body is all you need to get in a superlative workout any place, any time (of your choosing).

Only question is if you have the will and gumption to keep at the toughest workouts out there (but they in turn produce the best results) and dont wimp out by saying “they’re boring”.

Truly the recession proof fitness system for the ages is 0 Excuses Fitness.

A one time investment, and you NEVER need anything else. Not even a pull-up bar (though I highly recommend pull-ups too, but even those, go to the park if you can’t do ’em at home. Hehe).

Even if you’re homeless right now (hopefully not – but another “touchy issue” apparently) – a floor and a wall, I think we can all find that SOMEPLACE!

And that, my friend is that.

The rest is indeed up to YOU.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – No, I’m not taking cost of living crisis’s etc lightly – believe me, but I also do very strongly feel and I know I’m right and I’ve said this literally bazillions of times before, it’s mens’s minds that create Depressions, not anything else…

… and as for proof of this?

Well, I could give you plenty of explanations and proof, but the rapidly INCREASING “abandoned carts” (and those completed) and such are plenty of proof that people want REAL fitness more than ever before now.

Lots of you have gotten both products linked above. Good for you. Those that haven’t, you know who you are, and recover them now. The system wont let you rest easy until you DO, hehe.

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