Why I’m such an asshole about blocking people.
- I get it. But ..

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Over the past few years, I’ve done MANY things right – quite a few wrong – but learnt and then did them right again.

Oddly enough, what I keep forgetting to do periodically, what we ALL Forget periodically – is what has really brought us the greatest successes in the PAST.

And continues to now.

No, it isn’t about fitness, or life necessarily, or any certain action “staring you in the face”.

It’s about the stuff you forget, yet DO – and have DONE in the past that brought you BIG results without even trying.

The first is something spiritual I’ve often mentioned here. Most, including great customers often tell me “it goes over their head”.

Now thats fine. Hehe.

The second, of course, is what I’m writing to you.

Yours truly crabby and cantankerous is very ruthless about culling people from his life – or even admitting them into it (or into his dark room, hehe) – in the first place.

The email I sent out earlier is proof of this, but look – as I got this this morning on Freakbook –

LOL seriously dude, why did you block me, I don’t get it? I call a truce and was being a man about it.

Now, this dude is the same dude “Benny” that appeared in emails past – first he called me names, then he said what I did “wasnt the be all and end all of fitness” (I’m putting it politely) – before that he ranted up a storm about price and not being able to sell products (when in reality he does not have the skills nor the techniques to sell anything remotely high value) – then claimed “he wasn’t fat” when well, the results show otherwise, and so forth …

… after all that, after name calling and what not he then said “he made a mistake”, wanted a truce and so forth (this on Twitter, this after I did not reply to his initial message on Twitter).

I finally replied “lets be done with it”.

He mentioned something about “taking care of my beautiful daughter” – which I truly do appreciate – now THAT is something I can relate to (according to him “the only thing we have in common is we inspire people” – I believe he got that from one of my emails on “inspiring thousands” – and then copied that, hehe).

Anyway, we were done with it.

And then after talking to him I blocked him.

Note I did not block him “while” we were having the spat, it was when it was all said and done, so I thought (of course, I knew it wasn’t – these guys are OBSESSED with Rahul Mookerjee) that I took the final step.

Predictably, and I was discussing this with a customer “these guys are obsessed”.

They KEEP coming back.

Look at Bozo Schofield, he’s still creating new email addresses daily and trying to email me after all these years, as Dejon said “he’s truly obsessed with you”.

First off, dude clearly hasn’t noticed how much I dislike and try to stay OFF social media. Twitter, Freakbook, whatever it is, he’s clearly ignored that all throughout.


Second, although I use the term “LOL” – I dont overuse it, and you use it way too much. You didnt before, but you seem to have picked it up from me, and thats fine, but remember “a strength overused can often turn into a weakness”.

BLOCK.  (not to mention overuse of the term “bro”) (Marc the African Silverback Gorilla hates this too).

Third, dude, email is open. I’ve said this many times before, if you want to communicate with me, use email …

Fourth, look, we clearly have different views on fitness and life in general.

You’re of the mamsy pamsy “its OK to be fat” view and “fitness for phat phocks” philosophy.

And – let me bold this – THAT IS FINE!

Really, it is.

And dude’s probably a great guy in real life, I dont know …

But that ain’t me i.e. the philosophy.

Different philosophies in life, as Uncle Bob would say.

And as SOON as you remove people from your life that irritate you like he has, that whine and moan and claim to be a man when their actions show otherwise – well, the best thing to do (like with Bozo Schofield and a host of others) – is BLOCK!…

The minute you remove something you do NOT Want in your life – the minute – and this often happens IMMEDIATELY – I’ll repeat, IMMEDIATELY – something you DO want shows up in it’s place.

It happened last night too as I blocked this dude – and a bunch of others on another Twitter account (freebie seekers looking for “free talk and advice” basically). I wont tell you what exactly, but it left me spell bound, flabbergasted and bowled over for words. And remember, Rahul Mookerjee being at a loss for words don’t happen too often, but it did last night, that was just … those guys are great!

Like dude, you want free advice, sign up for the list (not aimed at Benny this by the way).

I mean, everyone wants it, but precious few want to pay for it.

I’d rather focus on the latter, and last night I was reminded yet again why this is the RIGHT way to go. Not to mention, I was thinking this guy would throw a hissy instantly, and he did.

Like dude, if you really dont care to see what I’m doing – or writing – or saying – then just forget about me?

But he can’t. I forgot about him basically, but he couldn’t. Hehe.

Truth is, he WANTS what I have. He’s just too cheap to pony up, well, as my buddy from the Marines says, “thats too bad!”

(and again, like I said a lot of these people aren’t “bad” people . No. They just arent those I want to associate with. Like a wise man once said, you whether you like it or not, will pick up traits from those who you associate with the most).

(and therefore my dark cave, yet another reason. hehe).

Last, but not least, and I’m sure I’ll think of more, these guys just want to “talk” but they DO exactly F all.

And they IGNORE – I repeat, IGNORE – everything in the conversation that doesnt please their little weetle ears.

I’ve gone on record talking about my own phat phocker days so often that it could be a stuck record.

yet, phat phockers reading this will ignore this , and instead of LEARNING from me in terms of how to REDUCE that massive gut – or flab – or bulk, whatever you call it – you’ll want to constantly whine and moan about “different perceptions of fitness” and “fitness is what makes you feel good, not “real fitness””.

which is fine, to each his or her own, but that ain’t my type.

To me that sort of person is a loser with a capital “el grando” L. (I dont want that sort in my life either).


Anyway, here is what a great customer had to say about all this …

(I’m not going to name him as I dont want him to be drawn into it all)


What I can’t get my head around is what do these people see when they look in the mirror, clearly there is massive cognitive dissidence going on, they’re obviously not seeing what the rest of the world sees.

I’ve known/know many fat people, indeed my mother and all but one of my sisters have struggled with their weight there entire adult life and not one of these would tell you that they’re happy with their condition.

Not only is it a health issue as they age but the mere fact that they struggle to get clothes that not only look good but also fit them straight off the peg is always upsetting for them.

I honestly believe that anyone who says that it’s okay to overweight, fat or obese (take your pick) and they’re happy to live like that truly have some kind of mental issue.

I’ve witnessed first hand more times than I can count the pain and the tears that this situation brings and anyone who says that they’re “happy” is either lying or just not functioning cognitively.

People who make excuses for fat people and who say fat shaming is “bad” are hindering these people not helping them, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should be deliberately hurtful or spiteful but you should encourage them to take a good long hard look at themselves in the hope they finally can see what the rest of us sees.

Anyway, back to Benny The Bulk, he’s one of those guys who believe their considerable mass is a suit of armour that they can hide behind, I believe the term is “the little boys in their gorilla suits” indeed he’s obviously been doing some “chest beating” in the vain hope that he can intimidate you, yeah right how’s that going for you Benny??? Oh, that’s right you pissed your pants and called for a truce, my god what a real man.

Indeed, my brother.

And then this –

Give me strength!!! Where do these people come from???

Fat people are fat end of story, you can try to kid yourself it doesn’t matter and it’s what’s inside that really counts, yeah right and there are fairies at the bottom of my garden, also Santa Claus is real and your government has got your best interests at heart, nobody with any kind of sense actually believes any of that crap.

How can anyone believe that being fat is acceptable if you want to be taken seriously with regard to health and fitness???

People these days are just weak and use any excuse to justify their weakness, even to the point of trying to convince anyone stupid enough to listen that their weakness is actually a strength in this “new age” where people’s feelings are all that matter and you can’t hurt anyone’s feeling’s that is a crime.

Did you know that the British Police have been told to stop investigating so called “online insults” and focus on actual criminals committing real crimes.

It seems that you can call someone “hurtful names” online and then get a knock on your door from the police to “investigate the hate crime” that’s how bad things have gotten over here, everyone is so touchy these days that the least little thing is a massive problem for them.

I am disgusted at the total lack of backbone in today’s society, where and how did it fall apart??? What an earth happened to the Dunkirk spirit of our Grandparents, I just don’t understand any of it.


Before all that, he gave me a few choice words, hehe. John, dude, I love you, true BROTHER!! (albeit from a different mother, hehe)


What the hell is all this about???

Why are you wasting your time responding to an obvious “snowflake” we’ve all got our own personal cross to bear, winging and whining about it to all and sundry online just underlines how pathetically weak this guy is.

I don’t know the background to all this (nor do I care to) but anyone who claims to be a real man does not take pot-shots at their adversary online, these kinds of “virtual battles” edify no one, just let this bullshit go over your head there is no glory in defeating “internet tigers” anyone who knows you does not require you to explain anything, you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone, as the saying goes “the more you play with shit the worse it smells”.

Leave the dickheads have their day, no one who matters gives a shit what these clowns have to say or what they think, take care my friend.

Now THAT is a real man! Hehe.  (he did not put in the exclamation mark – I did – but that was the tone of the email, I loved it, hehe).

That “what the hell”, the ASS KICKING vibe I got – I loved it! Hehe. (and dude is 65, still going strong at an age when most give up or dont even start decades ago).

Anyway, I’ve explained my opinion on all this enough times, so I thought I’d tell y’all what a neutral third party thinks of all this as well. Gotta keep it fair, hehe.

Not to mention, what OTHERS are thinking – I’ll be sharing those comments here probably soon too.

But … thats why I’m an asshole about blocking people.

Because thats life, it works.

Because I’d rather have the four shiny quarters and not the 100 pennies.

Because I cannot stand people that whine about price despite wanting the product and knowing fully well it’s worth every damn penny.

Because I cannot stand Two minute Tik Tok Fitness, or people that claim they’re “big and strong” but in reality FAT – Charles the former friend is a perfect example of this sort of whining (and with him of course I would not even have brought him up a couple of years ago if he hadn’t ranted about my posts on doing handstand pushups and “making it easy”).

Like dude, if you wanna cry, go find a fuckin ‘kerchief, I ain’t here for that purpose.

Anyway, to end all this…

Remove that which you do NOT want in your life – watch the positive replace it so fast that youll be bowled over.

Precious few people will listen to this bit of advice, or they will “secretly” read it and then do nothing.

Which is fine, your life, your choice. . .

But thats my take on it.

It applies to contacts, customers (YES, I’ve blocked customers in the past too, and have STOPPED them from buying from me again. Thats right, I’ve DISALLOWED purchases from people!) – past girlfriends, current women that play games (though it’s cute to a point) – and pretty much all I dont want in my life.


Bloody minded CUSSEDNESS.

And thats it, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Last year, I put out two of my greatest and best shoulder builder courses into compilation format here. Check it out NOW.

PS #2 – I wrote this on another site – but I’ll say it again.

If you, like this dude, feel to point out to the other person “that I did this like a man” or “I’m a real man” – accompanied by mindless and unnecessary pictures of “preening and posing”, then you’re probably the polar opposite in real life.

(again, dont get me wrong, if you WANT to do that, by all means do it)

I mean, just sayin, that sort of thing doesnt need to be said. It shines through . . . if it’s there in the first place!

Some idiot got back to me on the other business about “I’m manlier than you!”  (when he was anything but).

I think I wrote about that as well.

(he got blocked too).

Really, if some guy feels the need to say that … Ugh. This constant “validation” people seem to need, especially these days, the “butt hurt” syndrome.

Anyway, enough, this has gone on for long enough already, although I doubt it will be the last we hear of dude.

PPS – All this talk of “real man” – pick up real man fitness right HERE – The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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