Where 0 Excuses Fitness was written
- You guys KNOW where it was filmed, of course. Hehe.

Lots of people have this idea that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth – perhaps golden.

Reality is often stranger and rings truer than the thoughts most people have about others – because most people have it SO wrong.

The Chinese girls mostly didnt. Hehe. Perhaps thats one reason why I … ah, but we’ll get there.

So, you all know where the videos were shot – in my living room.

But let me tell you, you may find it very hard to believe, but I wrote the damn book on a computer (laptop) that was 7 years old at the time, had keys missing to the point where my daughter would type, and they’d disappear all over the place. Hehe.

(that happened two years later, but the laptop – well, battery didnt work, webcam wasn’t, but it was a trusty ole Toshiba, and the HDD never gave up till the day I gave it away – I couldn’t bring myself to “sell it” or trash it – and even NOW, I’m sure some school is using it!)

The “where”?

Well, the closed door behind me – two of them in the videos you see – one is the bathroom.

And the second is “where”.

My bedroom, which for reasons specified above I did NOT show in the video.

Nah, no hanky panky going on at the time, though I did give Cindy a bit of a shoulder massage – after she held up that damn phone for hours on end, edited the videos, and the pictures so perfectly – and wouldn’t accept one red RMB for her work “I did it for my teacher” she kept saying (I taught her) – it was the least I could damn well do, and mention her in the book as well.

But all she did was sit on the bed and giggle about “we’re such pure friends”.

Well, Madam, my intentions were to do a shoulder massage medical style, nothing else…

Anyway – that is “where”.

The table?

I did not have a computer table – or any table at all.

It was a dressing table (last tenant was a lady) that was in the apartment, and I put a dining room chair there, and tried removing the damn mirror, but couldn’t, so I put the laptop there, and bingo, that was it.

Next apartment, same thing. Hehe. For some reason “desks” were never a thing in my apartments except in two of them where I specifically requested them.

Some of my fiction books, selling like hotcakes now?

They were literally written on the dining table on the laptop … (with power cords trailing all over the place).

Anyway, why do I mention this – trivia for you 0 Excuses buffs for one, but more importantly, you dont necessarily need spanking new everything to produce a winner, an utter and complete winner, my friend.

If you look at a certain Jeff Bezos starting out when things were on the UPSWING, good economy and all that, fashioning desks out of used chairs, not ditching his Honda until a good 15 years or so of Amazon, you’ll get the picture.

Those humble beginnings are what provide ballast, inspiration and more …

Those without them rarely, if ever succeed at the top levels.

Unless you’re the Trumpinator, hehe.

But anyway ………

Someone asked me this TODAY.

“So how do you do all your writing” was basically the question, he asked where etc too, lots of things, but those aren’t for the public eye, but this part of the question was, so …

And now you know the “mystery” behind the closed doors, none other than yours truly “Mystery” (my nick on a certain forum back in the day) pounding away at the keyboard – Pearls – Girls – and a lot more, hehe.

back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee