Giraffe legs, and more. Hehe.
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I once wrote a book about a femme fatale – one amongst many – who worked at “Happy Giraffe International School”.

I know a guy named “Giraffe” as well. The names Chinese come up with, hehe, though from what I can tell he’s named “Louis” now.

He goes to France a lot from what I gather.

Smart guy in many regards…

Anyway, I’ve always had long limbs. Giraffe legs, and long, monkey like arms – and of course, these are looked upon as a disadvantage in most sports – swimming excluded I suppose.

And strength wise too, people have this mistaken idea of “short yet thick” is better.

Not true, my friend.

We come in many different sizes, shapes and forms, to an extent we cannot control genetics, but we can control what we do with it.

If you allow a naturally weak grip to REMAIN Weak, thats a choice you can control – and if you dont, thats on YOU, not your genetics.

Ben Affleck said it best about his physique, I think.

“I can’t control how my movie will do ultimately, but if it’s something I can control, like my physique, and I dont, thats on me”.

Same thing – Jeff Bezos.

As he once famously said, its one thing to innovate and fail, that doesnt just happen, it should be encouraged.

But if you do something you’ve done zillions of times before, per a process, and you fail because you did not follow the process properly, something you can control – then thats on YOU.

There’s a very valuable lesson, or two, or more in those two comments – and I keep saying the same thing.

Focus on what you want, not what you dont, to get there, one of the things you do is focus on what you can control – DO – not all the miscallenous reasons you can’t, or shouldn’t, or “bad luck” or other B.S. the human mind in general is wired to fall for.

Yes, the human mind itself is wired to “look for that one reason not to do something as opposed to do it” – and if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be innovating in the first place i.e. make things easier. Hehe.

Anyway where am I leading up to with all this?

My daughter asked me today if her legs were long in comparison to her body, how tall she’d be when she was 11, and a host of other things.

I laughed.

No, I told her. All perfectly fine, but my legs – yes, like a giraffe!

she giggled.

“Yes, a little”.

I remember a certain “Carol” once telling me that too about my long legs, but hey – the more you climb hills, and hell, I really started my intense routine at 35, so that just proves age is no barrier to anything – the longer and leaner your legs, and your bone structure becomes.

Long arms are thought of as “not good for pull-ups”.

Baloney, as you can tell.

It’s about what you do with what you’re given, my friend.

It’s about not making excuses, and those long levers can be incredibly useful and powerful when grappling for one, takedowns and so forth, especially when coupled with a strong grip and traps.

Some of the best boxers in the world have long arms, in a sport where short arms are thought of to be the best.

Long arms, made longer of course by all that Gorilla Grip work I do.

Anyway, point of all this?

Is that it ain’t about looks.

It’s about function.

It ain’t about a six pack, it’s about a functional core.

None of that should be taken as an excuse to be fat and slovenly.

Here’s the litmus, if you as a big guy can outsprint on a hill a skinny dude all other things being equal, you’re probably “big”, and not that fat.

If you can’t, well …

Function is ultimately what dictates all, my friend.

Functional strength, functional fitness, what you can DO with that conditioning, how you can apply it to YOUR life, not necessarily just sports or climbing hills etc either.

THAT is what all this is about, to help YOU not only get in the best shape of your life, but use that to achieve your other goals as well.

And that function, that performance, that is the ultimate indicator of how fit you are – or how fat – or how unfit.

Numbers never lie, at the end of the day …

Tests might, but numbers usually dont.

And thats that for now.

To get the world class fitness system that has whooped thousands and thousands of people, and probably millio-uh-ns, hehe in the future into SHAPE – and right QUICK – well – get on the train right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

No excuses, pally.

And thats that, I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Also, always remember, POWER – should be coupled with conditioning.

Flexibility should as well.

All go together, perhaps my books on isometrics explain this the best – both theoretically – and practically.

And that explains the rave reviews they are getting – Isometric and Flexibility Training and Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Get them NOW to start taking your health and fitness to hitherto UNSEEN levels, my friend.

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