A music laced “Happy Diwali” workout
- How times have changed. Hehe.

Diwali, the festival of lights and smoke – well, lights was what it was supposed to be, then it morphed into fireworks galore, which used to, when I was growing up – leave a haze of smoke around the city that would linger on for DAYS – so thick it was you could barely see beyond 2 meters in your own house (so much did people revel in it).

I dont know and wont get into the debate for whether or not its good for the environment or not, or the child labor forced into making them fireworks in “Sivakasi” – but I still remember, growing up, the neighbors – and everyone really – bursting fireworks with such gusto that the streets would be covered with paper the next morning – inches thick literally.

And it would go on till at least 3 AM in the morning the fireworks, and thats being kind.

It would start days before the actual festival, end a day or so later.

These days, its back to what it was supposed to be, ever since the Indian government banned fireworks a few years ago, its calmed down a lot.

I dont know if I, when I’m in India miss it or not.

Some part of me wants to say I do – those – the 90’s are the BEST TIMES ever, they will never return, I will always miss things about ’em!

They were REAL, for one…

Anyway, the wife will probably, as we speak, more than make up for “smoke” with all the religious “puja’s” she does on the day, which has just increased exponentially, the madness (not necessarily the prayers, but the other madness) over the past coupla years since 2020.

Hey, COVID really got people thinking -albeit too late, and not right. Hehe.

ANyway …………

To those of you that care enough to know about the festival – happy Diwali!

To those that dont, workout wise – well, nothing much new to report – another brutal one, but this time – it was laced with music.

I dont know why, but I woke up with Twitter for some reason ablaze over this utter rot below –

GNASHING my teeth doesnt cut it.

I mean, the world has come to this – the UK is even worse than the US in this regard (this nonsense about LGBTQ invading the real world and so forth) … Ugh.

Just – UGH!

And so, I guess I was on youtube today, watching some great training montages – as I told my buddy Vincent, “wish there were more real men left in the US and West in general!”

Mr T – Rocky III.

Sly in Rocky IV, that run up the cold mountain in Russia remains my favorite!

The first Rocky!

Then the Bloodsport training montage.

And I normally never train with music on, this time I decided to.

I played the last (Bloodsport) the most – the sound track isn’t “blaring” or rock and roll – it is a mixture of East and West in a way, and I prefer that.

And I was literally meditating my way through the workout, which was 700 squats, 200 club swings (all one handed) – 50 pull-ups – 50 pushups – and  lots of stretching (and some special ab work with the ab roller i’ll be covering in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, trust me, that ab roller will KILL you the first time you use it, I’ve been using it for ages, it still kicks my rumpusssssssssssssssss – hehe).

The squats were all done at once, yes -but they were not done in the same style.

And surprise of all surprise, not a single Hindu squat today, although that ain’t nothing against that great exercise…

I did plenty of different squats and variations that literally left me shaking and dripping with sweat – Squat 101 will have a lot more on this.

And that, my friend is that.

For now, the 0 Excuses Fitness System workout video is the go to for YOU – and remember, it can be done with music, without music, as you prefer.

Key is no matter what you do, you focus INWARDS.

And thats the bottom line.

Get the above books now – and start cracking – truly the BEST for the BEST.

And I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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