On “Lingam” training – and more.
- It initially came out as longam. Hehe

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Admittedly I was in the middle of a workout, and a particularly bodacious cleaning lady is at at – showing those lovely hips and “upper regions” of hers in … the wife’s sari apparently.

Apparently the wife decided to give away all her old stuff because the gurus said “give old, receive new”.

In theory thats a good thing, in practice, it only works when accompanied by the right thinking.

Simply giving because “you’re in a bad mood” and you want to feel better and “attract good” while consciously focusing on harm to those that help you and have helped you in the past – well, thats just spiraling down the negative spiral my wife loves to live in – and Nazi feminists in general (or those that buy into that ideology).


Even the maid was reluctant to take them, though many are brand new.

And today, as the maid shows up wearing a sari my wife once proudly wore as “Rahul Mookerjee’s wife” – well, I gotta admit, a customer was more right than he knew – or knows when he termed her as my “ex”.

in many ways we both are each other’s ex’s.

And thats great!


This isn’t a piece about how the sari flatters even the most unflattering of “fat” women in India (and there are tons, believe me) or how it shows curves, or how sexy it is, or the lack thereof or so forth – personally for me nothing beats shorts, but some girls disagree, while not. Hehe.

Anyway ….

While researching club training, I came upon an unique book “gifted” to me by someone that I wont name here, but written by a foreigner that actually visited India, lived and TRAINED HERE. Unlike a certain Charles who keeps saying “I’d love to visit” but whose ex will never let him, and neither does he have any intention of visiting, he did – didnt just do it, but lived here, breathed here, got the Delhi Belly, hehe – and TRAINED – with Indian wrestlers!

The Flying Dutchman is another one of his kind, but this dude – I love his book!

I wont name it here

But while he did a stellar job, I thought he could have done a better job of explaining the club movements – some were too basic, but again, credit to dude, he probably didnt even, like a certain “Shantaram” know the language before he showed up, but he DID!

And thats that counts.

He looks like he does too. Hehe.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested in the book but two things –

One, Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness will be FAR more exhaustive, we’re nearing almost 50 of the BASIC swings in terms of clubs, and the book has info on kettlebell training, clubs, MACES, sledgehammer training, tyre flips, and a hell of a lot more you aint even thought of.

(as opposed to the few basic swings you see from people teaching this. Again though – hey. CREDIT WHERE IT’s DUE! Dude did, came to a foreign land with no “pre concieved notions about ugly and dark people” unlike a lot of Chinese, didnt bitch about the admittedly true “dirty” nature of the place and so forth – SO CREDIT! Hats off!)

But anyway, in his book he talks about an unique way of training … well, not the muscles you’d normally train. Hehe.

He aint referring to the big head either, and the muscle in it, the most powerful by far.

(and the most results producing in ALL areas).

He’s literally referring to Indian sadhus, and from what I gather, himself too to a degree, training his “lingam”.

Now, this means “penis shaped” literally.

And in Indian culture, you’ll see the lingam in many shapes, forms and guises, and it’s even worshipped if you talk about the “Shiv ling” which is a lingam shaped abode or something for the lord Shiva…

Lots of tales there, I’m not familiar with them, but the lingam shows up in ancient cultures everywhere, including places you might not think – like Scotland, for one.

The Chinese have their own version of it, aped and copied from India though they’ll never admit it.

It all started in India, friend, the Kamasutra is but one proof of that – pity the wheel came full circle!


Thats a method of training where you literally hang – gather yourself – weights off your dong, schlong, penis, cock, JUNK- whatever you call it.

Quite literally.

I had to gasp when I read that, because bodyweight exercise Guru though I might be, I aint NEVER going THERE.


Sadhus in India apparently do.

No way, JOse, for me, I prefer my junk dangling as it is, where it is.

Now, point of me saying this isnt to talk about sex, and how this sort of training apparently “redirects the heat from the loins to the rest of the body to turbocharge your workouts even more”.

That part is likely true too, but I’m NOT an expert at that, and neither would I claim to be.

What I am an expert at is telling you this.

Pang Ren, Qiu Dian.

That means, if you translated from Chinese to English – FAT man have small penis.

And if you think about it, it’s true, isnt it?

Figuratively, because even if its big, you cant barely see it, as Rueben once told me about his beer belly “at least I can still see my DICK when I look down in the shower”.


Ole boy was spot on!

And literally too, if you think about it.

Fat for both men and women accumulates around the lower abs, one of the supposedly hardest to lose areas.

And therefore less blood flow to a muscle -down there.

For men, that means decreased libido, performance in bed etc – and unsatisfied partners though most will never admit to it.

Look, being in shape goes beyond the mere physical my friend, so does sex …

But anyway, point being this.

You can train the groin muscles, lower lower – yes, you read right – abs – and the core in an unique manner with clubs you cannot if you do it right.

And the way is this – you bring it DOWN on each rep … for men, this means until your JUNK.

For Schofield’s that means until your non existent junk, but puns aside, this needs to be done under control – and NOT taken to extremes.

And even if you can’t get it that far down and keep gong – going – hehe – do what you CAN, my friend.

Trust me, as we put together hardcovers for Corrugated Core (and a few other books – btw, the Ship will soon have options for both paperbacks and hardcovers – – stay TUNED!) – there is more than one way to skin a beast.

And if you truly want to turn into a beast with Indian club training, well, you learn from the Master at it, and do what he says …

Anyway, takeaway from all this – two.

One, the opposite of pan ren qiu dian is VERIFIABLY true.

TMI maybe, but I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum, and I can damn sure attest to the truth of it, though it’s nowhere near as spectacular in terms of different, but it’s there.

Performance, MY!

And two, I wouldn’t be – again – recommending you go hang weights off “it”.

IF you do, disclaimer – I aint responsible, much like I’m not responsible for Glyn shoving bleach up his ass to kill the Coronavirus or some nonsense, then ending up in the emergency room (after he read my report on Trump making an offhand comment about “bleach killing most germs” -thats all he said, btw!).

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Squat 101 is finally LIVE, and for sale, in case you did NOT KNOW ! Get it NOW.

PS #2 – Get your pre-order in at the current price for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness while you can – the price will go UP, up, and UP on this one and then some, so hurry – strike while the iron is HOT.

PPS – And last, but not least – – if you really want to improve performance overall, but specifically in bed, then get good, DAMNED good at Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

(no lingam training in it either, at least not hanging off tree branches by your “long and short”, hehe or rest).

Thats that! (and as the SMS you just got told you, this is SERIOUS. For some reason, people tend to associate the ancient and mystical with either China or India and sell/market to the “hordes” based upon that.

I could just as easily post my redneck “cowboy” ass with long hair and a beard and flowing robes and sell to the hordes too with some of the nonsense the idiots “so called gurus” do.

But I wont, I dont, I never will, because that ain’t me, because I keep it real and BRUTAL, and workouts are what you will get from this site, brutal ones yes, but not “illogical” ones if you get my drift.

And thats that).  (and no jokes about “doing the maid either” hehe please).

(though you wouldn’t be that far off if you DID make the joke, albeit in another time and era, heh).

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