Pushups improve punching power

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Recently, I was struck by how much my punches have become “smoother” – and not just that, but my cardio in that regard has gone through the roof, I seem not to get out of breath at all when punching … my makeshift heavy bag.

I was forced to take the “real” heavy bag due to some idiocy or the other. It’s sitting around staring me in the face – apparently my punches “made the house shake” and my Mom’s precious fridge, or fridges, or however many she has now were wobbling or something, so in 2018 – that came to an end.

Pity, buying and getting that heavy bag installed was one of the last few decent ideas my wife had, after that she gave up. Hehe. In that regard, of course, I dont blame her (although I got blamed for the initial idea as well, of course).

Anyway, this isn’t about that crap.

It’s about what I did later – I simply bought myself a new mattress, and fashioned a boxing (heavy) bag of sorts out of the old ones.

Not quite rolled and wrapped, but I have it against the cement wall at all angles, and I throw punches at it all the time.

Recently, I got back on my goal of 500 pushups daily.

And while working back up to that number, currently I’m at 200 per day or so … sometimes more, sometimes less, I was struck by … how SMOOTH my punches are.

And it’s not from doing countless pull-ups as you might imagine.

There is a reason why (despite doing tons of pull-ups in their training), boxers SWEAR by pushups my friend.

Sure, it – punching power – comes from the hips, core and back … and so my increased hip and core training – my back training (as always) – all of that contributes to the results I’m seeing.

But, pushups are truly what TIE it all together.

Pushups if done correctly are so much more than a shoulder and chest exercise.

And I ain’t talking Hindu pushups, or other fancier versions like the reverse pushup etc – all great in their own right, but I’m talking the BASIC pushups, boxer pushup covered in Pushup Central i.e. elbows in.

My friend, THIS is the pushup most boxers, old school or not, focus on the most.

Can you pop off a set of 50, slow and steady?

Most people, as a recent review said – have been found WANTING.

I’d bet you dollars to doughnuts most on this couldn’t do 50 pushups – regular – slow and steady, proper form.

And outside this list, well, probably even more couldn’t.

Or, the regular pushup done on fingertips – give me 25 slow steady ones?

Pushups, my friend, improve pushing power, but BOTH through the chest and back – which is what most people dont get.

Much like pull-ups use the triceps too, yet, like I’ve said before, and pointed out via example, pushups – you can never ignore them no matter how good you get at pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, the muscle up, or any other exercise.

NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING comes to the almighty pushup – especially the old school variants covered in Pushup Central.

Same thing leg training wise, while you could babble on about machines, treadmills, other leg workouts like step ups etc (which all have their place in the sun) – bottom line is this, if you ain’t squatting, my friend, you ain’t training. Its that simple, ask any doer, anyone you hold in any sort of high regard “results” wise – and they’ll tell you.

John Walker, a customer here once told me he tried (at his age, 65) to get 100 pull-ups.

Those are for you younger guys, he laughed about it later. He’s still got elbow problems months later from it – “twinges” basically – which I get, at his age, with all his injuries.

Yet, even at his age, his “easy workouts” or “not much” as he puts it involve 500 bodyweight squats and 100 (at least) pushups, and some pull-ups.

And that, my friend should tell you a lot.

Pushups, truly the big DOG as I say in 0 Excuses FitnessSquats, same thing leg and lower body wise.

There’s the info.

What you choose to do with it, YOU DECIDE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Lats should be used both for pushing, and pulling. And when you learn how to “pinch a penny between your shoulder blades” when doing pushups, you’ll understand the truism of this, and why BOTH pushups and pull-ups should be done for optimal effect …

PS #2 – Those of you that have already invested in Squat 101 – kudos – smart choice, amigo(s)!

Now, its time to write back with reviews, but of course – ONCE you implement, as you said (R)!

I’ll wait for you to get back – all of y’all! Hehe. (and remember, all genuine reviews get an extra 10% off automatically on your next purchase, so thats added incentive to leave a genuine review. As if you needed any more, hehe).

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