The MIND MUSCLE connection
- Another hidden key to gains in strength and power, and whatever your goals are - and how!

This afternoon, I was out there waiting to pick up my daughter.

Despite the stares from passerby’s, I got some squats done – advanced style.

I also got some stretching done – and most importantly, some ab work which lasted less than a minute, was a few reps only, and left my heart – HAMMERING like nothing else I’ve ever done!

Well, not nothing else. Hehe. But I haven’t done this exercise in a while!

It’s one I learnt from the great Farmer Burns Book “Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture” – and its the first one in a series of ab exercises, basically you activate the abs by clenching them as hard as you can – except you take a deep breath, and dont release the breath until you’re done clenching.

Yes, the Farmer specifically recommends HOLDING the breath while clenching, another opposite to what most gurus claim about it being bad for blood pressure or what not – hell, with the Farmer’s 20 inch neck, I’d be more inclined to do what he says as opposed to so called Gurus.

Anyway – I dont always hold the breath while doing this, and this exercise is not mentioned in Corrugated Core either – another excellent one “the stomach vacum” is.

I’ll get into that more later, but for now, one prime reason amongst many most trainees dont make gains either with these exercises or others – is the mind muscle connection.

This is another reason I’m anal on form, if you aren’t, its impossible to activate the right muscles being worked my friend.

When you do a pushup, for instance, bring your MIND into it – keep the head looking ahead, and the arms straight, maintain tension on the shoulders, triceps and upper back – and clench the thighs as tightly as you can while doing them (which is hard for super high rep workouts, but thats the ideal you should shoot for).

Clench the butt, keep the core tight and so forth, with the ab exercise above, I did this in the shower as well last night as well as (without preening naked) in front of the mirror after an icy cold shower.

I could literally see my abs popping through with each rep which made it easier to focus on the muscles being trained, which is CORE – not just abs – and internal abs.

Same thing with squats today.

I did 100 in 2 minutes.

I could … man, my heard was hammering like truly nothing else when done.

Given I normally do them in 2.5 minutes to 3, that was a solid workout!

I doubt I’ll get those results daily.

But stranger things have happened, and it happened only with the right mind muscle connection, and not dwadling regardless of what.

“Finish or you’ll be shot” is a nice way of thinking about it. Hehe.

Or, take the less extreme route and follow my meditation techniques which I will lay out in a seperate book to build mind power first, which the mind is the most important muscle – the sooner you get that, the better it is for you and your overall gains pal.

Most people dont ..

Anyway – thats the tip.

When you workout, really get the MIND into the MUSCLE you’re training – actively, you’ll find you do a lot better, and GAIN a lot more.

As an aside, my wife was telling the daughter not to kick her shoes into place today.

“The shoes are what most people notice first!”

I wouldn’t say that. Hehe.

But if you, as was said in a Hindi movie “Hum” – a hilarious one in some regards, but a classic – want to truly a “judge a man’s standard”, then one of the yardsticks, you look at his shoes.

Or, how clean his bathroom is …

And so forth.

Not a gold standard by any means, my shoelace tore today, and rather than buy a new pair I just looped it around another hole.

Maybe that isn’t kosher?

I dont know, but unlike in the movie where a fake Major General shows up with holes in his shoes … I wouldn’t quite go that far. Hehe.

I still remember the General, the one and only Michael telling me the following while making pots of money . . .

“I’ll be the one dressed like a bum on the roads!”


Some rules, well, they’re meant to be broken – sometimes.

The mind muscle rule is meant to be NEVER BROKEN!

Emblazon that into your mind as you go about your day friend, it truly is that important.


Rahul Mookerjee

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