END OF 2022 BUMPER SALE! ????????
- Get your checkout on NOW.

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So, we’re doing something again we haven’t done in a while, and dont do too often – that being have a BUMPER SALE – end of the year sale – and two great ones at that!

I’ll get into what “inspired” this later – for those more into the sale (and hey, I dont blame ya, hehe) – than the “story”  well, here it is –

First off, for you RETURNING CUSTOMERS – and note, if youve bought from us on Amazon or other sites etc – – then to me, you’re a returning customer, but you have to email me here so I can set you up on this site as well – – then you get an automatic 25% FAT – or flat, hehe – discount off your cart provided you have at least three products in the cart and for a change, NO minimum order “value” required – all that is required is three products to be there in your cart, and that  is it (and for you to be logged in when you make the purchase).

Second, for everyone – returning customers included, of course – a flat 20% discount assuming your cart value is at least $100 – no product limitations!

So those are two great sales, as you can tell, we value our returning customers and customers in general – very highly!

Lots of you have been waiting to get products, NOW is the time my friend.

Strike while the iron is HOT – this sale is slated to end Jan 1, 2023 – but I doubt I will let it last even that long, so hurry – it ends at the stroke of midnight TODAY i.e. Dec 31, 2022.

And speaking of hot ?

Well, this hot lady – with that dazzling smile -that I saw a couple of days ago by chance – and whose image popped into mind this morning probably inspired this sale!

Doer, true doer – and the way she smiled at me from a distance, the way I was checking out the other girls while standing there, but I remember thinking “there’s something different about her!” – and then looking away … and then the smile she gave me, and the “long time no chat” – and resulting giggle “yes, busy in office” – and all of it, in general – is probably what prompted the sale.

Thank you, Hemlata!

And thats that.

Get your buying on NOW, folks.

And that that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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