One arm pushups, bare chested workouts in the sun (hun) – and more!
- Woo hoo!

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I did one arm pushups this afternoon to finish off a set of 200 pushups – all different kinds.

I even did something I haven’t done for three years – or I think FOUR or five – which is to do a “shirtless” workout in the winter sun Hehe.

I remember wayyyyyyy back in the day in 2015, freezing cold Dongguan winter, and Carol waking up to go climbing – or more accurately, waking MY ass up too.

We’d go.

And an old man would often be there in the freezing cold, clad only in a pair of summer shorts and shoes.

I’d wonder (and those were my hill climbing days) – how he did it.

Now I know!

Freezing cold showers in the dead of winter, one arm shirtless pushups in the sun enjoying every minute – except the morons who stop to stare – and (certainly enjoying) the chicks who look on from a distance pretending they’re not looking. Hehe.

Part of that bare chested workout was chronicled on Instagram.

But the last time I really did this, ie. a full bare chested workout was when I was writing – or had just written – Advanced Hill Training and Battletank Shoulders. 

China winters for the past few years have been mild anyway, at least in my neck of the woods.

I still remember the old man in China (not the one above, the one I write about so often!) coming up to me, poking me in the stomach approvingly as if to say “there’s nothing there!”.   (part one)

I really, really miss this guy, and I wish him well whereever he is, no doubt still motoring up Qi Feng mountain (DAILY WITHOUT FAIL!) at 230 PM.

Xin Nian Kuai Le,  my friend! (happy new year. I know you can feel me saying it!)

The old man I met in China – part TWO

The old man I met in China – part THREE



And there isn’t – and there shouldn’t be – except solid hard MuSCLE – lean MUSCLE!

Anyway, for years after that, I didnt do those shirt off workouts.

Today, I did.

Harbinger of things to come?

I sure hope so!

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Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Meat eater’s BBQ scheduled for tonight. We’ll see how that goes, can’t never tell around this here neck of the woods, hehe. But the kebabs I had for lunch, now those were damn, damn good!

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