How people can be so STUPID boggles the mind!
- Ugh

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And, here I was thinking Bozo Glyn is the only one… Ugh.

Over the past few days, the drunkard (I spotted it as soon as I saw him) who comes to pick up the trash here (a complete polar opposite from the uber professional ladies who did it in China, regularly, on the dot, holiday or not) has been asking for his pay repeatedly.

Now he got paid bang on time in cash on April 2, which is apparently when it’s due according to him.

Yet, over the past few days he shows up every couple of days “asking for his money”.

And he’s usually drunk when he asks too.

I gave him a piece of my mind today after the wife told me to (Requested me to, I should say) – but she keeps telling him “maintain a diary”.

I told my wife you could give this idiot all the good and well intentioned advice you want, but a drunk like that, an idiot like Glyn for instance, you can advise until the cows fly home but they never will, it is POINTLESS wasting energy on said people.

Much like I have deleted everyone on this list who didnt even bother to get back to me with a simple “yes” or no, I BLOCK such people out of my life all the time, only reason I opened the door in the first place with the incessant jangle that is the doorbell (God I miss my last apartment in China where all went per schedule, I did not even have a doorbell there!) – because I was expecting an Amazon delivery.

And then – ugh.

I told this idiot to stop pestering me, I told him if he asks me one more time, I’ll throw the damn trash out on the roads myself and then he can piss off trying to collect it.

Some people, you try and be nice, no use!

Anyway ……… how someone can be that stupid boggles the mind. Ask Glyn I guess!

Asking repeatedly when he’s been paid on time … Ugh.

Anyway – something you guys SHOULD be excited about (those who’re still on this list, if you’re getting this via email you ARE still on the list) – the 50% off offer I sent yesterday.

It is a one time offer, a thank you for being on the list and being proactive enough to TELL Me – and it does NOT have any min cart value associated with it, or number of products – the only thing is, it expires TOMORROW sharp at Apr 13, so like many of you have already expressed interest in it – you’ll want to jump on this NOW while there is still time – while you can.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I can never understand these drunks who get out of control . I do my fair share of drinking beer, yet, beyond the age of 19 or so, I’ve never been that out of control I cannot remember what I did when drinking – such as pinching another guy’s drinks in a bar once at 19, or trying to feed a dog beer once. Hehe. But even then, I was always “nice”, so unlike certain other people I know, I never got my face punched in or whatever (though I have to admit, Angela’s boyfriend probably wouldn’t have been too happy if he saw me trying to grab her mammaries. LOL)

But really, hot damn … the memories!

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