Movie break – or shit weather- PUSHUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been shit weather over the past few days. Pouring incessantly – ugh. I dont mind the occasional rain, but by and large I’m an A/C and sunshine guy – not necessarily in that order as you know.

Rain means I can’t climb mountains for one, rain means getting nasty and wet and so forth, lots of folks LOVE the rain and getting wet in it – I’m the OPPOSITE.

If my bathroom isn’t bone dry minutes after a shower, I hate it. Hehe.

Phobia, mania, call it whichever – whatever – it is what it is.

Much like some people term my exercise mania.

I aint been able to step out after the “jump rope” workout I did which seems like ages ago. Thank Heavens I did it that day, or Id be FUCKED. Basically (or that night, rain notwithstanding) – ever since then, it’s been pouring non stop.

And I’ve been doing …

well, I’m at 250 pushups – for the day.

I’ve been ANTSY as a … I dont know, ant?

And I haven’t even felt like doing 250 pushups all at once.


During movie night – or day – every time there is a movie break (I’m streaming) – I pop off 25 regular pushups – or 15 fingertip pushups.

And thats what, along with pull-ups and stretching I’ve done all day.

I’m buzzed.

At the start of yet another fast.

And movie #2 in, I thought it would be a great time to write to you about two things.

One, never any excuses.

And two, visualization works best when you LET GO.

More on #2 in Zero to Hero, if you can spot it.

As for pushups, nothing replaces ’em, if you want to get into the sort of shape you can pop off 25 perfect pushups all day (hint – most can’t) (even so called fitness gurus who dont go all the way down, or up) – then start learning via the best manual on pushups out there – Pushup Central.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re looking to make a NEW start to your fitness – and get into the best shape of your life possible – THIS above book will DO it for you – provided you do. Start NOW.

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