Let wild remain wild…
- MOre on the lunacy

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I wrote about the lunacy of people trying to domesticate what are essentially “wild” animals at heart – and a certain significant other trying to do so with a stray cat “because it had kittens” (yet, when that cat kills to teach its kittens the skill to hunt, she wont clean it up) by feeding it daily, and treating it as “pet” …

Today the cat snarled viciously at her when she didnt get her quota of milk on time.

Now, animals can sense terrible vibes.

(despite her doing it “so the Universe will give me something” – no it wont if you do it for a reason, it only will if you do it OPEN HEARTEDLY which you aint hun)

As Mark Twain once said, I dont trust humans too often, but I do trust a dog when it doesnt like a human.

Emily, my ex once told me the same thing about her ex Darrell.

We went to her friend .. . whats her name? Ah, Dana…’s house, and she had two massive dogs which almost scared me – hehe – Great Danes are HUGE, and they were friendly as ever, and while the dog barked up a storm every time her ex would enter the house, with me, although I was kinda “worried” about entering the house at 2AM with them big dawgs potentially treating me as an intruder or so since they didnt know me – nothing doing.

The dawg did nothing except stick his huge tongue out and lap at me. Hehe.

I have that effect on dogs since childhood.

Cats, well, as I told my daughter.

Theyre not tame, they never will be – not even domestic cats. Feed a cat all you like, yet, it will hunt purely based on instinct – not so a dawg.

Anyway … dog, or dawg aside (I cannot get away from my Southern roots can I, haha) …

I was telling my daughter about how crazy it is to feed the cat of all things? BREAD.

I can understand the milk for the kittens.

But adult cats dont need milk, neither do kittens after a certain age, and they’ve long since disappeared – I suspect a male killed ’em.

Cats do that …

Its the way of the wild, my friend.

To us so called civilized human beings that (in some parts of the world) still enslave little kids to do hard labor – well, it may not seem “nice”

You hear a lot of idiots complain about the whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands, but if a polar bear kills a seal, that same red mess is there, eh.

Its worse when you eat beef that has been processed – it’s one thing to kill humanely within a second, yet another to let the animal bleed out (kosher etc) – and quite another to live on those damn chicken farms or whatever it is – death is probably preferable to a life like that, no?

Even from a chicken’s perspective…

Yet, no-one thinks about that.

No-one thinks that wild animals should remain wild.

Messing around with the wild and trying to tame ends in disaster.

Feeding it bread, and it’s reaction, well, its one reason yours truly hardly ever eats bread.

(this entire email came into mind when the daughter, behind Mommy’s back (to avoid yelling of an unecessary nature) asked about “did you see what the cat did and how it behaved today”)

I do eat WHEAT – but not bread.

And wheat isn’t an essential for the most part either for me.

It’s nothing but a bunch of sugar and carbs you dont need – and cats certainly dont need it too, much like dawgs dont need beer (Tim – my bad – I was 19! Hehe ) …

Cats are MEAT eaters. Get them hooked on to addictive “human” crap, their mood swings even faster than PMS’ing females and such …

Point of all this?

There ARE certain things we can learn from the wild, and rightly so – and benefit greatly.

But changing their wild ways isn’t one of them – I’d rather let cats hunt their own food and show their kittens how to as opposed to becoming pampered brats (domestic cats can be some of the most disloyal ever – NOT so with dogs, and to a certain extent with other wild cats like tigers where the brain is a lot more developed).

MOVING like them is one thing we CAN learn from them.

And just a few minutes of animal like movements is not only enough to whip your ass, my friend- if you’re the average adult, but you’ll be soaked in sweat from head to toe and get in the best damn shape you’ve been in a for a long, long time – both mentally and physically.

And if there is ONE purchase I want YOU to make NOW, it is Animal Kingdom Workouts, the greatest, best, and ONLY – I repeat, ONLY book of it’s kind out there that goes into such great depth on animal like movements, workouts and the such. 

If you’re truly interested in getting yourself into the best “beast” like shape possible in the shortest amount of time (really) – then get this book now.

And thats that – I’ll be BACK soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – No, I’m not saying dont keep cats as pets. What I AM saying is feed them cat food – or let them run “wild” as they were supposed to. Certainly not bread and cheese and such!

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