The REAL reason I admire Herschel Walker, Iron Mike, Denzel Washington and more…
- Nah, it's not to do with color.

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I’ve mentioned all three of them before in my emails, all LEGENDS of the highest order.

Tip of the hat, respect, and all that but as I see a meme on IG with Denzel’s piercing look (now he may or may not have said that, people have this habit of putting celeb faces on quotes to garner “views” and crap which I never do) … this thought struck me.

Here is what I saw, for reference.

Now, I could have titled this post “why Rahul Mookerjee has never fit in, and why he’s never cared two hoots about doing so”, but this isn’t about me …

And I’ve already mentioned why I respect the men above and others mentioned that I have in my emails, writings etc more than I can write about here – more than I can express.

Just pure respect, and their accomplishments despite extreme hardship say it all – their non whiny nature, their just do it, but in today’s “charged” climate, I’ll say it again –

-Because they broke so called glass ceilings – or even those that sort of existed when some of these men were growing up – WITHOUT COMPLAINING.

They went through extreme hardship, as most real doers and successful people do, they never complained – most people will never know about their immense struggle, the countless numerous heartbreaks, the world sees their ultimate success, but never their persistence that got them there.

Here’s the thought that struck me.

“They didnt whine about affirmative action and other related horseshit. They just did it”.

Ditto – yours truly.

I have never once, and never will think about – or whine about – or WANT anything like affirmative action.

I’d rather the deck be stacked against me – there’s more to topple ultimately.

Not saying I want to live in the Jim Crow era, no.

But things are what they are, ultimately – as Herschel Walker will tell you growing up – you just do it.

You accept some things “for now” – as a reader of Gumption Galore mentioned in his audiobook review,

50 Solid Tips!

“One of more important sections of this book to me is the “Retirement is a crock” section. Being a retired teacher myself, getting into voice acting was a segue into the next phase of my life. I’m not old, b any means, but it gives me another purpose, if you will, that Rahul outlined in his book.” “I can’t tell you how many times a day I’ve hear the phrase “It is what it is,,,”, but Rahul’s chapter allowed me to think about this in a different light. I’m now using the replacement phrase “It is what it is…FOR NOW” every time I hear it!

Walker didnt accept the BS permanently.

He wanted change, and he knew the best way to do it was via action, and you can only change things once you’re the best version of YOURSELF, my friend.

Both mentally and physically.

And one is INEXTRACTIBLY linked to the other.

He swallowed the bullets “for now”.

And he went on to shatter glass ceilings like most others never have, and never will.

Same thing for the other men mentioned here, and those not mentioned, and no, skin color ain’t got nothing to do with – GUMPTION GALORE does, and that ain’t because its the name I chose for the BOOK.

Anyway ……………

Here’s a great review from Zero to Hero from Terrence ..

Wonderul book!

I particularly enjoyed reading Rahul’s advice re: visualization and “writing down goals on paper.” I’ve often said to people that I have “…goals in life”, but wondered how to go about achieving them or even sticking to the process itself. His trials and tribulations make for a great inspirational story and one that I can apply to my own life. Well done!

And that, my friend is that.

Dont whine.

Just do it.

Smile at hardship.

Kick it in the CAN.


And thats all I got to say about that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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