Ah, the copyartists out in full force…
- With a twist.

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Life’s a trip, eh. I keep saying that, and it’s true, and the more I observe the copy artists trying to ape what I do for free – whining on one hand about the prices of my products, unable to do what I teach – yet are too cheap to actually BUY something to improve their lives, so they continue to whine – and secretly haunt this place “addicted to what Rahul Mookerjee has to say” (and I get it – hey – when people talk sense, thats what happens, even your so called haters can’t get enough of you) …

… Now, I’ve spoken of copy artists enough.

But as of late, and this has been going for months, and I dont believe in coincidence – as Sidney Sheldon wrote about in the Doomsday Conspiracy (pretty good read if youre into that kind of stuff) …

“There’s no such beast as coincidence. If you see the same person tailing your ass, if you see the same license plate twice – COVER your ass”.

I’ve always instinctively, since I can remember, followed this philosophy for a good reason – things happen for a reason.

Like Jason Bourne’s one time partner said “nothing’s random. Everything happens for a reason”.

Even so called random coincidences, and over the past few months, on this business at least (the other one – well, most people still arent doing it like I am, so there’s no copying there as far as I can tell) …

… a lot of so called fitness gurus (some who can’t do a single pull-up right yet tom tom their status as gurus)- some who have made a HELL OF A LOT MORE money than me (albeit in times bygone) – and are now making close to zero (pretty much) – are copying what I do.

Now, you’ve seen me for years write things – then pause saying “I got interrupted, damn, I’ll be back”.

And today I saw someone whose been doing the same damn thing I have in terms of limiting his content – his offers – to those really interested i.e. not for free, not publicly – that I started doing a year or so ago (remember that email) – and writing to his list in the SAME vein I do … EXACTLY the same vein.

I’ve even given the dude credit in one of my books for an exercise he made popular, but (and no it aint Jack La Lanne, no email back when he was there) …

Yall might think I’m carpin on the dude, putting him down etc, but I’m not, because – in my own pioneering way and I’ve seen this happen – there is a reason they call me
the modern Day Gandhi, and it ain’t because I’m slim and trim – Gandhi was a stick and couldn’t probably do pushups to save his fuckin life – its because of my thoughts, and predictons that uncannily come true.

My ability to see the future before it happens – and back to these folks, not all of them surprising as you might think it is – are “Copying”.

THOUGHTS transmute.

Across the world, instantly, if that thought process is strong enough, people on the same wavelength will feel it.

Ever thought about a friend – or accquaintance – asking you something, or calling you – or something of that nature, then you get the call?

We usually get precisely what we expect, and that sort of “intelligent learning” isn’t something I call copying – person doing it might not even be consciously aware of who thought of the idea first.

Such as my ideas of offering digital downloads even when the entire world was offering paperback, of keeping my products priced high when even so called gurus lowered the price, and so forth (and lo, these days people are starting to come around to the reality “youll find the means if you truly want it”).

My ideas of reserving coupons for the site to those that ASK For them, not via email as I did previously…

Ideas, as Einstein – or was it Edison – once said. “come out of space”.

And they transmute, there is no copyright on them unless you PUT one on it by implementing it first.

And yours truly has done that on so many occasions that my fingers are sore from repeating it…


Zero to HERO! awaits (with a ton of videos that hit home HARD) for those TRULY interested in improving their lives.

If youre interested in hearing feel good bullshit, dont buy the course.

If you’re interested in getting your ass kicked from a fantastic long term standpoint, DO GET IT – and start doing TODAY.

And thats that – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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