Do I always walk briskly?
- Hehe

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After all the Tom Tomming about how tired the daugher was because I asked her to walk briskly (the only one or two times per year I ever ask) .. talk about much ado over nothing, something that should be the norm

I remember Marc the African silverback Gorilla once tellin me on the way to the gym for a boxing session …

“Slow down! I’m not your bitch!”


And he wasn’t that slow either …

Except my friend from the Marines whose four times my size and far taller etc, I’ve never met anyone that could “keep up with me walking”.

Perhaps all the hill climbs have done it…

But it wasn’t always that way but for years and years, my friend, I’ve been brisk about my walking, and it aint about deadlines either.

I could have all the time in the world to stroll down to the store to get a six pack and back home, yet, I want it done NOW.

Like, NOW!

And so if I’m walking, I’ll do that briskly, if Im driving, same thing. I dont dwadle for hours over things, workouts included, and there’s a thing or two, as Claude Bristol said, you can learn about a man by his posture, the way he holds him, walks etc.

The world truly makes way for the “chest out shoulders back” type.

“Whats the hurry, calm down” people ask me.


There ain’t no hurry, but I’ve always got “things to do”, even if thats coming back to relax with a 12 pack.

I see no point in wasting time on the mundane, other hand?

I often sit for HOURS in the Rahul Mookerjee patented squat – sometimes  out in full view of public, cars – while my wife tells me it makes me look like a fool, idiot and country bumpkin, I tell her I could care two shits less what it makes me “look like”.

Most people can’t even get into that position let alone ruminate in it for hours upon end, fella. Lady.

Yesterday after dropping my daughter off for basketball class, I was in a very relaxed mood indeed, and I just stood at my front gate for almost an hour, seemingly doing nothing …

I often walk around my “garden” (in China they call apartment complexes that, even those without actual gardens in them) “hua yuan” for HOURS.

Staring at the fish, doing nothing, mentally transmuting thoughts to them …

People ask me what the hell I’m doing moseying around.

Can’t please some folks – hehe.

There’s a time and place to relax and ruminate my friend, but the BRISK happens FIRST.

You get her done FIRST.

And then you relax…

Those that get the message get it.

Those that wont, well, they never will.

I’ll continue to walk briskly, thank you very much.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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