Can you OUTSTARE a cat?
- Apparently it will poop on me ...

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Had a great conversation with the daughter this evening, in which I drove home the points I did last night – in an angry manner yesterday (yesterday afternoon, actually) and today in a “Zen like” calm state of mind, the polar opposite, the man of extremes am I, so calm was I even the wifes presence didnt irk me (and neither did mine her, which is saying something).

I often squat for hours in the Rahul Mookerjee patented squat, eh.

Yet, today was special.

And Id been visualizing sitting down and drinking beer and eating dinner with my daughter – well, her eating, me TALKING to her – for a while, and it happened out of the blue today – with lunch, so I was there with my tea, and her with her food, and the CAT was there too.

It all started with a long, long staring session in which the cat stared into my brown eyes, me into her green ones.

It is by far, the most “nigh” relaxing thing I done in ages – I skipped the “have” on purpose.

Like I told the daughter about some of my pur-PUS-ful mis-pronunications, Twain didnt have any use for a man who could only spell a wird one way, I dont for a man who can only PRONOUNCE it one way. Hehe.

She finally blinked.

In a yawning sort of manner, in that time, I was lost in space.

“Downloads” were coming to my brain, I dont even know what. I asked the daughter, she claimed repeatedly it will poop on me.

We then got into a discussion about something that happens all the time to me, bird poop.

And how something “good” happens always after it – though I dont quite believe either way in the good luck thing associated with the event.

Or maybe I do to an extent, I told her.

No such thing as coincidence my friend, and if something good happens always when something happens, there is a pattern.

I’ve never had a cat poop on me, I told the daughter, laughing. They dont generally do that on humans.

Anyway – great conversation, great time, I’m so relaxed I feel I’m HIGH.

I’ve written before about how extended isometric workouts will make you FEEL that way – better than if you got a massage, drank, smoked weed, whatever your thang is …

… And they do.

When you can achieve a state of pure BLISS via isometrics alone is when you know you’re doing it right, my friend.

And my book teaches you how to do it.

That ain’t saying thats all you need to do, of course, but on some days, man, it showl hits the spot.

Ill keep yall posted on the cat poop.

Maybe my daughter will.

The best things in life are free, my friend, and I ain’t referring to cat poop either – hehe. See if you can decipher that message.

If you can, you’re already RICH!

And thats that – the key to that is mentioned in the opening part of Zero to HERO! Lots of you did the free preview on Amazon, but thats 10% of it, and since there’s no Amazon for us now, well – get the book HERE.

I’ll be back with more soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – What do you really, really want today? Write back, let me know, yeah, we all know about the million bucks, but what do you REALLY want?

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